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Vivien Harmon
A wife who wants a new start.
Portrayed by Connie Britton
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Afterbirth
Species Ghost
Cause of Death Hemorrhage after giving birth (Birth)
Occupation Housewife
Relationships Tate Langdon (father of Michael Langdon/rapist)

Moira O'Hara (friend)
Hallie (pet)

Relatives Ben Harmon (husband)

Violet Harmon (daughter)
Jeffrey Harmon (son)
Michael Langdon (son)
Jo (sister)

Vivien Harmon is a cellist trying to rebuild her family. She is a main character in the first season ("Murder House") portrayed by Connie Britton.


Vivien used to be a musician who played the cello but stopped for unknown reasons. She miscarried her second child at seven months but had to carry him for another two months and deliver him stillborn. This may have been the reason she stopped her music. After the stillbirth of their son her husband had an affair with a student and she caught him cheating in their bed.

Personality and Appearance

Vivien is a smart and strong-willed person with a dry sense of humor that she seems to have passed on to her daughter, Violet Harmon. Although distracted by her own worries and stress, her daughter and her family are very important to her. Vivien is adamant about using organic products; for example: she does not allow her family to drink from plastic containers and is horrified when her doctor suggests a hormone therapy to help her heal after her miscarriage. She, herself, only eats organic foods.

After her miscarriage, her husband Ben had an affair with one of his students, which leads to her being repulsed by Ben wanting to become intimate with her again.

Vivien has long, wavy, strawberry-blonde hair and a light complexion with some freckles. She has a slim build, is about 5′8″, and has blue eyes.


After an appointment with her doctor, she finds her husband in bed with one of his students, Hayden, and in anger, cuts her husband with a knife. A year later, in an effort to get a fresh start they drive towards Los Angeles to potentially buy a new home. There they purchase what will soon to be referred to as the "Murder House ". Shortly after moving in, Vivien is frightened by the sudden appearance of a girl who ominously warns her that she will die in the house. Constance, her new neighbor, walks in nonchalantly and establishes that the girl is her daughter, Addy. Later, an elderly woman named Moira O'Hara persuades Vivien to hire her as their housekeeper after explaining that she has worked in the house for previous owners. After an argument, she and Ben have sex for the first time in over a year. Later, she again has sex with whom she believes is Ben in a rubber suit, not knowing Ben is sleepwalking downstairs. She becomes pregnant from one or both of these encounters. [1]

Vivien and Violet are taken hostage by the perverse groupies of a famous serial killer, leading to traumatic stress and a drive to be more security conscious. [2]

Vivien discovers that her house is a fixture on the Eternal Darkness Tour, which she embarks upon to discover more about the house's history. She cuts her tour short when she begins to discharge blood, and she fears a miscarriage. She becomes more determined to get out of the house as soon as possible. [3]

Vivien discusses, with Ben and Marcy, putting the house back on the market and agree upon hiring "fluffers" to fix the image problem caused by being a stop on the Eternal Darkness Tour. Vivien meets Luke, who installs a new security system and assures her that he is at her beck and call. Vivien mistakes ghosts Chad and Patrick for the expected decorators and invites them inside. She later confronts Ben about the phone bills which indicate that he's been in contact with Hayden and when she begins getting calls from Hayden she is angered enough to suggest Ben leave. Their fight is interrupted by strange contractions and Ben rushes her to the hospital. There the ultrasound shows something that causes the nurse to faint. They arrive home to a screaming alarm and a missing daughter. [4]

Vivien reasserts her desire for Ben to leave then heads up for a bath when she receives another harassing call from Hayden. She discovers a message scrawled on the bathroom mirror imploring that she ask Ben about Boston and she realizes that Hayden is in the house. She intends to call the police, but Ben talks her down and attempts to handle the situation while she confronts Chad who is vandalizing decorations in the yard and is met with accusations. Hayden again begins taunting Vivien by phone and she takes up the search for her which culminates in a struggle to save her dog and her unborn child. [5]

Vivien must come to a bitter arrangement with Ben who, though he has moved out, continues to see clients at the house. At the suggestion of Constance, she begins a diet of sweetbreads. Recent events are putting a strain on finances and Vivien speaks to Moira about letting her go but she agrees to continue her duties free of charge. Concerned about what she saw in the ultrasound, Vivien calls after Nurse Angie, who claims it was the Antichrist. [6]

As the story progresses Vivien finds herself troubled by her husband's past infidelities, her pregnancy, her daughter's rebellion and disrespect, the intrusions of strangers, and the hauntings of her home. Despite her strong-willed nature she begins to deteriorate and in the end is being sent to an asylum, albeit under a false diagnosis made by her husband.

She later returns home with Ben where she then goes into labor. She gives birth to her twins in the house, one is said to be still-born. The delivery proves complicated and excessive bleeding threatens her life, and when given the choice to live or die, she chooses to die. She returns as a ghost to comfort Violet who just broke up with Tate after finding out that he raped her mother, eventually leading to her death during the birth of the twins.


  • To Ben Harmon: "I'm finding it really hard to look at your face, because I really, really want to bash it in."
  • To Ben Harmon: "If you're about to diagnose me with Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome, I'm going to bash your goddamn face in."


  • In the afterlife Vivien begins to play the cello again.



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