I fell in love (more like obsession) with this show, reading every page of this wiki and rewatching episodes for enhanced clarity. The story line was twisted, wrong, erotic, addicting, and fascinating as well as the irionically colorful cast of dark characters. I felt mostly satisfied with the ending of Season One. I did feel disopointed watching the begininng of Birth because the much anticipated and highly overdue Infantata scene did not live up to the creater's claim of it being "The scariest scene of 2011" or something along those words. Apparently the finale ending was said to be twisted and that he was scared even trying to edit it....yet it felt much less fear-inducing compared to many other scenes of the show. Of course I assumed that Season Two would be a continuation of all the Season One storylines and characters, so I excused the lack of recognition of many unanswered questions and plotholes. I thought this would all be addressed in the next season. To my surprise and incredible discontent, I discovered that Season Two will be entirely different to the point of a new intro and location. Everything was to be changed and that what we saw on the finale was the final explanation to any lingering questions and that it would never be continued again. This is incredibly moronic of them, what with the huge fanbase and the fact that if you begin to develop something and not sufficiently end it and expect the same giant fanbase to follow a basically entirely different show. What really frustrated me was that all the unanswered questions we all have are never to be adressed. Who are the people on Your Going to Die In There? Who is Constance's fourth child? Will Tate ever find out that his father was murdered by Constance instead of leaving him when he was seven? Who are all the other 11 victims of the highschool shooting? What is Larry's fate? What happened to Leah? Why did the obtrition see a creature with hooves when Micheal appears to look normal? Were Troy and Brian's bodies ever discovered? If so, why wasn't the area explored and the Infantata discovered? What truly happened to Thaddeus to become the Infantata, as in what remains and additional corpses were used to create it? Is the Infantata technically alive, since Nora stated that it cannot die? Is it a ghost because it dissapears when one closes their eyes and says "go away"? What girl's heart was used in it's creation? Why do some ghosts appear as how they died such as Nora's bullet wound and Larry's wife and children's smouldering from the fire and the twins, while other ghosts show no signs of their deaths? (Tate has no bullet holes, Moira young and old with no eye gouge?) Considering Constance ran a dog day care in her basement, wouldn't she have had cages as well as dogs when Tate goes down there when he is seven, considering she murdered Hugo and then fed him to the dogs in the basement while Tate was seven? If the Infantata resides in the basement yet was found in the nursery, why did it remain in the basement instead of leaving the house (If it wasn't a ghost)? How can Tate control the Infantata to attack Leah and then dissapear if the Infantata attacked him and is bloodlust? What was wrong with Beau, and why did Constance treat him so badly yet deny doing so? Is Marcy the realtor aware of the ghosts inhabiting the house? Why has Tate never seen Hugo's ghost? Can animals appear as ghosts in the house? Certain characters have achieved their reason to move on, such as Travis and Elizabeth Short's desire to become famous....why are they still in the house? Who are the babies in the opening, as well as the bride and the man with the clippers? Why are some ghosts completely without memory about who they are while some are aware? What happened to the black woman that Mr. Harmon was treating (she became hospitilized, then what?) Why do the ghosts remain in the house? Who is the first ghost, considering Infantata may or may not be one? Charles? These are some of the many questions the show left unanswered.

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