Season 2: “Steam Punk”

Season 2 of Time Enforcers is based off the time period of the Steam Punk. Fashion, Literature, and macabre events happen throughout the story as well as the true art and culture of steampunk itself. Throughout Steam Punk there are many difficulties with war and many other things such as political problems within society f the Steam and the Urban Electric.

Steam Punk Characters:

•Jackie Moore as Ferrara Stolzestro

•Charlize Theron as Hyla Smith

•Robert Downey Jr. as Gerald Lonestrom

•Scarlett Johansson as Katrina Uko

•Mark Wahlberg as Captain Eli

•Jeff Bridges as Redding Masterson

•Liam Hemsworth as Kennie J. Fallam 

•Ben Affleck as Himself

•Angelina Jolie as V.C.S. (Voice Controlled System) “Vicks;Vix”

•Jennifer Lawrence as Anna Belle Lee

•Samuel Jackson as Brig James

•Mark Strong as Kalico Uko

•Emmy Kinney as Gaia Sunn

Steam Punk Character Descriptions:

•Jackie Moore as Ferrara Stolzestro. Again, playing a woman with secrets, Ferrara Stolzestro is is a clockwork huntress. As representing her human strip of thigh and knife holder in Legend, she has her arrow quiver whipping around in rotation of her leg (thigh).

•Charlize Theron as Hyla Smith. Playing a demanding woman, Hyla is a very emotional person that has tears to her eyes as she angers herself. She has a half control of the ship and has some romantic, yet not so romantic, throughout the story.

•Robert Downey Jr. as Gerald Lonestrom. As playing an evil being in Legend, Gerald is the commander of the ship and runs the other half of the ship unhappily. He game plans with Hyla daily until he sends a man to kill her in the night. But she survives and ends up killing him and runs control of the ship herself.

•Scarlett Johansson as Katrina Uko. Katrina Uko is the brainwashed steampunk badass that is hypnotized by her Electroic father, to make her the complete badass of the electroics. Later, she ends up destroying the computer and overriding her brainwash, and once again helping the steam. 

•Mark Wahlberg as Captain Eli. Captain Eli is a secretive male who runs the electric ship. He is a murderer of young innocent children and ends up to kill Gaia and Hyla.

•Jeff Bridges as Redding Masterson. He is an evil citizen aboard the Steam Ship and tries to kill Hyla but, is soon killed by an arrow to the heart by Ferrara Stolzestro. He is also known to be the cog master as he is an expert in throwing cogs and killed Brig James in the electrics boarding of the ship. 

•Liam Hemsworth as Kennie Fallam. Kennie is a steam master of the ship along with Gaia and others which controls the motion of the ship by oiling cogs, grinding gears, and steaming pipes.

•Ben Affleck plays his own name, but not himself. Ben Affleck is a worker of the main deck, and near his short part of the story being killed in the 2-4 episode, he is shot by V.C.S., also known as the Voice Control System of the Electroics.

•Angelina Jolie as V.C.S. V.C.S. is a voice controlled system of the electric ship and tower ruling all gunning and war tactics. She is later overrun by Katrina Uko and is killed by software spark implosion. 

•Jennifer Lawrence as Anna Belle Lee. Anna Belle is a prison warden of the down under brig in the steam ship. She carries a whip and is killed by Gaia Sunn in a quest to free the innocent prisoners.

•Samuel Jackson as Brig James. Brig James is a secondary command of the electric ship and is killed by Redding Masterson as he commands the troops to board the steam ship, as he takes a cog to the heart.

•Mark Strong as Kalico Uko. Kalico is Katrina’s father and is killed by his rebellious daughter after she completely overrides the brainwash he sent her into. 

•Emmy Kinney as Gaia Sunn. She plays as a steam master of the ship alongside Kennie J. Fallam. She later is killed in the story by Captain Elijah. But soon before she is killed she murders Anna Belle Lee, the prison warden. But she is later shot in the head by Eli with a lazoric pistol. 

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