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Time Enforcers

Alternate Title: Time Advancers

Season 1: “Legend”

Legend is season 1 of Time Enforcers and continues almost with a freak show act, but a step up from freak show. It realizes the full blown opportunities of a fight between humans that are considered non-humans that are in a sideshow, versus the ordinary world. The timeline takes place in a magical land, but not so magical. People dress as of medieval fantasy clothing such as plated armor along with encrusted jewels. The sideshow contains of drama along with force of being shut down from the over ruler of the remote kingdom. As no one in the sideshow knows of what happens as a mystery of the night, an evil character spreads the night while riding the walls. This figure is known as, The Wall Patron, or the Negative Pacer. Situations carry throughout the story as many murders, covets, and aspirations and dreams fallen and left in the dust behind. 

Legend Characters

•Scarlett Johansson as Angela “Angel” Parkins

•Ben Affleck as Gromlin

•Charlize Theron as Mother Hen

•Jackie Moore as Ginger “Golden Woman” Harlett

•Daniel Radcliffe as “Krishna”

•Robert Downey Jr. as Father Crow

•Johnny Depp (Voice) as Wall Patron

•Jennifer Lawrence as Maggie Conadara

•Angelina Jolie as Madame Cartragina

•Mark Wahlberg as Jimmy “Folklore” Pritch

•Jeff Bridges as Elliot Masterson

•Penélope Cruz as Katrina “Sugar Skull” Martinez

•Leonardo DiCaprio (Voice) Crow

•Elizabeth Hurley as Grass Ghost

•Liam Hemsworth as Nikolai “Elastics” Horatio

Legend Character Descriptions: 

•As Scarlett Johansson plays Angela Parkins, or Angel, she is a winged woman with silky dirty blonde hair. Around the city she is considered a fallen angel, but she is really just winged. She plays a role as one of the performers within the sideshow of Legend. her personality is somewhat distinct and distant. She is considered a main character throughout the story and occurs atleast through every episode. 

•Ben Affleck plays Gromlin in Legend and is a skinny deformed man with a cerebral problem, his skin oozes light blue goo often and has little hair on his head. Like Smeagal in Lord of the Rings, is has claws and crawls around on all fours. His personality is somewhat crazy and demented. He occasionally makes a talking appearance but is atleast seen within every episode.

•Charlize Theron as Mother Hen is the lead and head of the sideshow “Legend”. She is in no way affiliated with the young Father Crow as he flirts a lot with her. She sometimes sees visions of the Wall Patron but thinks it is her issue that is supposed to be medicated but is not. So, she really thinks that the Wall Patron is in her mind, even though they are throughout the whole story. Her character is a stunned and somewhat silent character, even though she speaks in every episode a lot. 

•Jackie Moore plays Ginger Harlett, also known as The Golden Woman. She is a woman born of solid gold throughout her whole entire body, except a strip of her thigh which she covers with a knife holding guarder. She is a performer along with many others and plays a major part throughout the story and sideshow. She is known to be a sinner, but is truthful that her inner golden chi is true gold, as she was born with the skin color. She is a serious person with many other sides to her story.

•Daniel Radcliffe plays “Krishna”, the four armed boy. The boy was found by Mother Hen in the woods after beaten by sideshow pianist Jimmy “Folklore” Pritch. She took him in and Jimmy became more of a shadow. Krishna didn’t remember his name for he was named after a god in the Hindu religion named Krishna. Krishna is ebony skinned and carries four swords in his hands. He fights alongside the Mother Hen, for she is his mother figure. He is quiet but later in the story becomes more friendly with the performers and the sideshow altogether. 

•Robert Downey Jr. plays Father Crow, a master of dark magic and close up trickery. A man that floats, dresses dark, holds a hooked cane, and has a companion talking crow. He flirts with Mother Hen most of the time and tries to rape her once, knowing that she is weak with feeling, and strong with heart. After the dispute, normal sideshow carries on along with fighting the normality of the remote area. He is considered mental and crazy at points, but yet angry at certain areas in time, and calm the rest.

•Johnny Depp plays the voice of the Wall Patron. Barely speaking throughout the season, his character plays as a murderer ghost throughout the sideshow. Climbing through the walls he crazily steals souls of the extraordinary. 

•Jennifer Lawrence as Maggie Conadara. A pitiful weak youngling and enthusiast in oddities and science. She is a long winded audience member of the show and usually talks to Mother Hen as she grows close in relationship with her. She talks about the genes and deformities these people have, and quickly explaining every bit of the show and why they can do the things they do. After talking with Mother Hen, right after the show, M.H. usually turns away and laughs with another performer and/or introduces them to Maggie.

•Angelina Jolie as Madame Cartragina. Cartragina is a voodoo woman who always is in the back of the sideshow never to be seen by anyone but the passing members. As she plays a small role in the beginning, she plays a big role in the end of the season while killing a specific evil being within the sideshow. 

•Jimmy “Folklore” Pritch is played by Mark Wahlberg. Jimmy is the sideshow pianist and predator of Krishna. He was the beater of krishna after being drunk with his friends and finding him in the dirt road. He scrammed and became more of a shadow within the story, and becomes the murderer of the Mother Hen near the end of the story. 

•Jeff Bridges plays Elliot Masterson. He is a recorder of the sideshow and does not play a huge role within the season. He barely speaks within the story and ends up killing Maggie Conadara for her annoying comments about viewing of camera and recording to  get a better vision for view within the performers.

•Penélope Cruz plays Katrina Martinez or Sugar Skull. As a performer she has a skull naturally implanted as a tattoo for her body.

•Leonardo DiCaprio plays Father Crow’s companion “Crow”. He only speaks to Father Crow and usually goes in a distance when Father Crow does something irrational and/or inappropriate.

•Elizabeth Hurley plays the Grass Ghost, also known as the Wall Patron victim of murder in the real life. She is spiritually chained to the grass as Katrina often talks to her for advice.

•Liam Hemsworth plays a minor role as a sideshow performer with tentacle arms. His name is Nikolai Horatio, also known as Elastics. He is a friend of Father Crow and looks to him as a father figure. 

Character Information

Angela Parkins is a character.She is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Scarlett Johansson.

Mother Hen is a character.She is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Charlize Theron.

Ginger Harlett is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Jackie Moore.

Gromlin is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Ben Affleck.

Krishna is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe.

Father Crow is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Robert Downey Jr..

Wall Patron is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story primarily portrayed by Johnny Depp (Ghostly).

Maggie Conadara is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence.

Madame Cartragina is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Angelina Jolie.

Jimmy Pritch is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Mark Wahlberg.

Elliot Masterson is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Jeff Bridges.

Katrina Martinez is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Penelope Cruz.

Crow is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio (voice).

Grass Ghost is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story primarily portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley.

Nikolai Horatio is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Liam Hemsworth.

Wenth is a character.It is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Episode List and Description

1) Introduce Me:

This episode is when Ginger Harlett has come to the sideshow after being beaten by the police and accepted by Mother Hen. She is excluded from everything int he outside world and is told to go the the sideshow or she'd keep getting arrested. The only person to die in this episode is Nikolai when his soul is take from the Wall Patron. And as Father Crow starts the blame name game, the episode ends with a mysterious room with a voodoo-ish woman named Madame Cartragina, trying to protect the tent from the Wall Patron ghost.

2) Yellow Shindig

This episode is when Ginger is finally getting used to the sideshow with all of the weirdness and a few of the people in the camp are murdered by others and the Wall Patron. The Police in encrusted armor come to the camp to find Ginger, when Mother Hen starts actually acting as a Mother and guides by her, stating that if she didn't come here that they would kill her, and that she is here, and that they should go. Then, there is a party by the night as a holiday of the Freak Festival. It is the night where a comet shall pass their planet and give new light and hope to the sideshow artists.

3) Little Green Woman

The episode 'Little Green Woman' is an episode based off of when Katrina finds a ghost after the party named the Grass Ghost. Her real name is Charlotte but is preferred as the Grass Ghost. The whole episode surround on how the Grass Ghost and the Wall Patron were citizens, but once killed on the land of the soon to be sideshow, they became ghosts and in the Afterlife, the Wall Patron tied her to the spiritual ground so she could never leave her 'love of death'. She states how her head was blown off by the Wall Patron in the before life, and how then he committed suicide in the middle of the stage.

4) Wasabi Tray

This episode of the Wasabi Tray means that everyone will get a mouthful of spice both literally and emotionally. Names and blames unfold as along with the Spice Party where the freaks all take shots of different wasabi roots and eventually become drunk off a root. Then, they all get angry at each other and yell at each other for murders around the camp, and Nikolai's ghost comes back and Father Crow has a meltdown. As for Nikolai only to be appearing to Father Crow, everyone else thinks that he is hallucinating out of drunken sadness. By the end of the episode, Nikolai states that he is here to take a freak back to the dead with him. But before Nikolai's information, Mother Hen is met by a close friend of hers that talks to her about the bio-genetics of the people and how they are made after the show.

5) Ooze

The episode Ooze is the meaning of Gromlin where there is a funeral in the beginning, and a death in the end. Gromlin in the beginning dies of a deadly brain cancer named astrocytoma and they have a funeral for him. Before the funeral begins, Angela dresses in black with a webbed vail over her face. She tints her wings black and turns into sadness and sketching in her room for several days. It flashes back to when she was a little girl and when her mother died. She was horrified, and remembered how she joined the sideshow. After sketching Gromlin in her bedroom for the umpteenth time, she is confronted by the ghost of Nikolai, asking her why she needed to live. She pulled a tear and said, "no reason". He then began the kiss of death when Katrina walked in, sand stated how weird it is that Nikolai is back. She stood in awe as he chased her outside, and as she dove for the Grass Ghost, the Grass Ghost disappeared and Nikolai tackled her into the spiritual tar, for which they drowned and went back to the After life.

6) Quasar

The artists mourn over Gromlin's death and begin their sadness. Ginger sits with Katrina and talks of the happiness of the tent being aired out with darkness. Angela then comes and walks in as she talks to Ginger and shoos away Katrina. They talk for thankfulness and Angela shows her her drawings. Ginger tells Angela that her sadness is sudden and that she needs a doctor. Angela then scuffled and explained her freak quality. Mother Hen enjoys a glass of root berry bubbly and enjoys a dinner with Madame Cartragina. So far, Mother is the only one who knows of Madame Cartragina and plans to keep it that way. But as soon as this happens, Ginger asks to use the abandoned back room for her new room. Mother scuffled and shooed her away. The freaks, celebrating Krishna's birthday have a steak dinner and enjoy the stars out at the camp. They all see a quasar or an unknown light object in the spacial distance. Ginger is whispered to by a half-dragon named Wenth that it is basically the light of a new beginning.

7) Candlelight Dinner

Elliot believes that Maggie becomes annoying and hatches a plan to kill her while he's shining his camera and talking to his crew. Mother Hen devises that Jimmy pritch is soon to become a danger to the sideshow and begins to also hatch a plan to kill him. Madame starts to yell at Mother. She states how he is the music and he shall not be destroyed. Then she sits down and explains more about the Wall Patron's powerful ways of life, and death. The police come and ravage the place for a missing victim from another planet, since he was a freak. Mother Hen says that it isn't a refuge. Then the police find a small feathered man with a beak that was sent to a mental institution, but escaped. After a show, Elliot stops Maggie from confronting Mother Hen and invites her out on a date. The next night he invites her under a tent with a candlelit dinner and feeds her like a baby. She laughs, and she asks him to undo her zipper. As she turns around and he gets up, he grasps her zipper but then snaps her neck. Then, at night, while Mother Hen was undressing, Father Crow sent crow into spy on her. As she bent over with orange lingerie on, (in crow's vision), she then turned around and shot Crow making him fall to the ground.

8) Last Arm Standing

After the killing of Crow, Father Crow is lashing out at everyone in the center of the show room a while before a show. He then smacks Ginger and Angela pushes him to the ground, yelling at him for his insolence that the "damn bird was slow and old anyway". Angela and Katrina walk to the camp site where they notice that most everyone was missing. Ginger asked Wenth when he was sitting in a chair, smoking an staring at the sun, if he had seen where they had went. He stated that they all went to a party in the town, and that people "wouldn't" notice they were freaks. As the day passes and children and parents are getting for the show. The children are chasing each other and Jimmy Pritch is speaking with Krishna outside of the show tent (on the side). He asks Krishna about his story. Krishna explains how he remembers a man beating him out of drunkenness almost to death on the side of the dirt road, and then explained of Mother Hen finding him. They all hear police sirens when Mother Hen is in her room, readying herself for the show. She is alerted by the sirens and tries to head outside but is stopped by Father Crow. He explains the death of Crow once more and leans her onto her desk. He started to open his trousers and pull up Mother Hen's dress, then he is stabbed in the neck by Mother Hen with a letter opener, and is pushed back. Next, a portal opens with black and purple sovereign colors and is pulled by the Wall Patron and is taken. Then, Krishna and Angela er talking to the police in an unorderly fashion and are yelling at each other. Then Mother Hen shoos the crowd away and talks with the policemen. They tell her to leave the premises for the rest of the freaks were in town. Then, the freaks walk back beaten and bruised from the trees being pushed by guards. Krishna grabs his four swords and Jimmy and Angela with knives and shotguns. Mother Hen then pulls out a pistol and shoots a policeman, then Krishna and Angela plus Jimmy beat the rest to death. Jimmy goes back with Krishna to the side of the tent and speak once more, then when Krishna turns around, Jimmy points a modeled shotgun at his face and tells Krishna the full truth about Jimmy beating Krishna out of drunkenness. Krishna then pleas and Jimmy shoots.

9) Shanghai Nine

Soon to be written...

10) Night of The Jackal

Soon to be written...

11) Mass Murder

Soon to be written...

12) Machete Dilemma

Soon to written...

13) Imploded

Soon to be written...

Tv Episode Descriptions

1) Introduce Me:

A new freak comes to the camp as gains friends; A freak goes missing

2) Yellow Shindig:

A comet of new light awakens the freaks lives; The police coming looking for the golden woman.

3) Little Green Woman:

Katrina finds a new friend; Mother Hen and Gromlin keep a sorrowful secret from the others.

4) Wasabi Tray:

The freaks have a root drunkening party; Nikolai comes back as a ghost to give Father Crow information.

5) Ooze:

A freak dies and a funeral happens; Angela falls into an artsy and gothic sadness.

6) Quasar:

Mother hen has a secret about the back room; Wenth gives philosophy lessons to Ginger; Angela realizes her sadness will no longer help her mourn.

7) Candlelight Dinner:

Elliot dates a young scientist; Mother Hen is spied on; A close pet is killed; Mother hen hatches a plan of murder.

8) Last Arm Standing:

Several killed out of drunkeness; Father Crow lashes out at Mother Hen; Jimmy tells someone a secret. 

9) Shanghai Nine:

Madame is tricked; Sacrifice for the Wall Patron; Ginger discovers an ancient summoning.

10) Night of the Jackal:

An ancient ghost is summoned to take away a spirit; Freaks are questioned; Wall Patron takes another.

11) Mass Murder:

Multiple freaks are killed during a show; Mother Hen stumbles for advice; Angela is taunted; Jackal enjoys his stay.

12) Machete Dilemma:

Resurrections of a lifetime are set into place; Battle of Normality and Darkness begin; Several murdered but not just by Wall Patron.

13) Imploded:

The final battle has been ended; Multiple die from misery and destruction.

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