Season 3: Bilgewater

Season 3 of Time Enforcers is a time period of pirates, yet in another galaxy. The water moon of Jubo is being built on by a variety of species of pirates, and the vast seas that once flourished with life and clear waters, now are being nailed to the sand with nails and wood. As the creatures of Jubo fight back, the pirates keep building and will not stop until Jubo is covered with factories and land. The pirates ride their ships into the sea. As times they are gone aerial to provide longer view of happenings. But as the pirates are not the only problem below the surface of the crystal clear water, so lies a portal to the rift where darkness has also carried out to destroy the plentiful and nutrient water of the Juboans.

Season 3 Characters:

•Charlize Theron as Laurie MasDomar

•Jackie Moore as Moira Myscfagan (Mix-faggin)

•Mark Wahlberg as Captain George Arman

•Angelica Huston as Baladash Mananorai

•Angelina Jolie as The Dark One

•Max Irons a Garrett Matthieus 

•Jeff Bridges as Hank Casus

•Leiv Schreiber as Jarrod Dasé (duh-say)

•Robert Downey, Jr. as Ben Hallath

•Emmy Kinney as Margaret Hardrow

•Shelley Long as Katherine Illii

•Mark Strong as Horatio Blacking

•Samuel Jackson as Wolf Fartorren

•Leonardo DiCaprio as Peter San Jospehina

•Penelope Cruz as Margarita Mocaw

•Charlize Theron as Laurie MasDomar. Laurie is the work stuck general of the building and deals with a great amount of stress throughout her time. She murders many people throughout the sea creatures and her own crew mates. She disregards her sin ad beheads most of the killings. 

•Jackie Moore as Moira Myscfagan. Moira is a sailor/pirate of the second to largest ship, the S.S. Gijoman. She has an eyepatch and is the species of a mutated Chinese lizard. She also draws her sword from her thigh or side of leg and has a holster for a pistol on her other side. She does not murder, but to protect her most prized possession, the ship, she will. 

•Mark Wahlberg as George Arman. George is the Captain of the biggest ship, the S.S. Ionatán. He is crazy for power and later tries to kill Laurie in the end but is thrown of the high tower by her. He also kills many people and is mad with excitement for death. He also explodes the Ionatán ship, so the S.S. Gijoman takes place in its absence. 

•Angelica Huston as Baladash Mananorai. Baladash is the killer and successor of The Dark One really in the story and causes the apocalyptic chasm in the ocean floor having dirt and hot sand rise and burn the waters along with fogging them. 

•Angelina Jolie as The Dark One. The Dark One is the ruler of the Rift and invades the ocean floor through a portal, and nearly destroys the water moon as then killed and succeeded by Baladash Mananorai.

•Max Irons as Garrett Matthieus. Garret is a teenager in the war that is afraid of the dark energy and matter that consumes him. He is shy and works on the S.S. Ionatán. The night that Captain George Arman explodes the ship, he traps himself in a dark room and is said suicide by nyctophobia, or fear of darkness.

•Jeff Bridges as Hank Casus. Hank is the pilot of the S.S. Gijoman. He doesn’t play as an evil person but as in an awkward and unsettling person. as to Moira, he seems a pedophile and secretive rapist. Hank rarely talks and will “do himself” in the restroom any chance he gets. He is a weird, old perverted mind. 

•Leiv Schreiber as Jarrod Dasé. Jarrod is the secondary captain for the S.S. Ionatán. Whenever George gives him the call, jarred will brutally beat someone with his implanted iron fists. The iron lies under the skin, do he feels nothing.

•Robert Downey Jr. as Ben Hallath. Ben Hallath is a fisherman on the Clarion Coast and is brutally beaten and drowned by Jarrod so George can have the dock to build more. 

•Emmy Kinney as Margaret Hardrow. Margaret is the bait fetcher for Ben. she is never killed, but cries when she does kill. She is very religious and cries herself asleep because of murdering Jarrod after Jarrod kills Ben.

•Shelley Long as Katherine Illii. Katherine is a crazy shop keeper with a glass eye and a catch for eating fish at Ben’s restaurant. She keeps her hair in a voodoo-ish turban and dresses with many layered dresses. She laughs crazily and dies of a heart attack later in the story.

•Mark Strong as Horatio Blacking. Horatio is the man who takes Katherine’s shop and informs Emmy of her heart attack. As the stress that Emmy goes through after Ben, she deals with a lot more after hearing this. 

•Samuel Jackson as Wolf Fartorren. Wolf is a southerner of Ionatán and enjoys feeding the creatures of the sea when he comes to Jubo. He help the creatures of the sea take their home back by flying his men on furry and white dragons and destroying the portal from the rift. 

•Leonardo DiCaprio as Peter San Josephina. Peter is a priest from Ionatán, and helps Laurie under her iron fist. She demands him to help her, and after he refuses the third time, she has him beheaded.

•Penelope Cruz as Margarita Mocaw. Margarita is a pirate on the ship of the S.S. Gijoman. She is a close assailant to Moira and tries to kill her when she gets the chance. The two do not like each other that much as in well they try to kill each other, but when they have to get along, they do.

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