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    Season 3: Bilgewater

    Season 3 of Time Enforcers is a time period of pirates, yet in another galaxy. The water moon of Jubo is being built on by a variety of species of pirates, and the vast seas that once flourished with life and clear waters, now are being nailed to the sand with nails and wood. As the creatures of Jubo fight back, the pirates keep building and will not stop until Jubo is covered with factories and land. The pirates ride their ships into the sea. As times they are gone aerial to provide longer view of happenings. But as the pirates are not the only problem below the surface of the crystal clear water, so lies a portal to the rift where darkness has also carried out to destroy the plentiful and nutrient water of the Juboans…

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    Season 2: “Steam Punk”

    Season 2 of Time Enforcers is based off the time period of the Steam Punk. Fashion, Literature, and macabre events happen throughout the story as well as the true art and culture of steampunk itself. Throughout Steam Punk there are many difficulties with war and many other things such as political problems within society f the Steam and the Urban Electric.

    Steam Punk Characters:

    •Jackie Moore as Ferrara Stolzestro

    •Charlize Theron as Hyla Smith

    •Robert Downey Jr. as Gerald Lonestrom

    •Scarlett Johansson as Katrina Uko

    •Mark Wahlberg as Captain Eli

    •Jeff Bridges as Redding Masterson

    •Liam Hemsworth as Kennie J. Fallam 

    •Ben Affleck as Himself

    •Angelina Jolie as V.C.S. (Voice Controlled System) “Vicks;Vix”

    •Jennifer Lawrence as Ann…

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    This whole entire series has been put into another wiki

    Link below:


    Time Enforcers

    Alternate Title: Time Advancers

    Season 1: “Legend”

    Legend is season 1 of Time Enforcers and continues almost with a freak show act, but a step up from freak show. It realizes the full blown opportunities of a fight between humans that are considered non-humans that are in a sideshow, versus the ordinary world. The timeline takes place in a magical land, but not so magical. People dress as of medieval fantasy clothing such as plated armor along with encrusted jewels. The sideshow contains of drama along with force of being shut down from the over ruler of the remote kingdom. As no one in the sideshow knows of what happens as a mystery of the night, …

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