Anyone else feel disappointed by the season finale? I didn't even watch it but I read the summary on multiple websites to get as much info about it as possible and from what I seems pretty disappointing.

I've been reading this website and others over the last month and I feel that many of our conclusions were acturate, thus not surprising like Murphy had intended. He didn't expect people to actually discuss all of the details like we have. Because of our scrutiny of the show and its details, I believe people were bound to be disappointed.

Of course Ben was going to die, he had to or he would be the next Leery Larry.

Of course the "good" ghosts are going to scare people away, how noble of them... How boring, imo. Not "horror" enough.

Who's REALLY surprised Tate's kiddo is the anti-christ? Not me. Saw that one coming as soon as he raped Vivian the first time. I believe this show is turning from "personal" to "typical". Looking into the real life horrors of people was it's the apocalypse..... What a surprise.... *Sarcasm* It's like trying to turn a soap opera, a good one, into a big budget b-movie. They all end with some explosions or end of the world situations right? AHS seems to be jumping on the bandwagon there.

MerryChristmasfromthe Harmons

Who REALLY thought Vivian would make it out of California, let alone the house, with the babies? She was doomed from the start and I really felt bad about it, it was heart-breaking seening her talk with Violet and Ben before she passed... but it was foreseeable.

I expected Violet's death to be a red herring for Ben's death, or at least his behavior. I was mildly surprised by her body being shown to her by Tate. I actually enjoyed the concept of each knowing the other was dead but pretending. Aren't the best relationships built on lies? *Sarcasm*

Moira, I felt, was a tool of the house and I still do not fully trust her. If she had the Harmon's best interests at heart why serve those "delectable" food choices? Did anyone but me notice that Constance mentioned that Moira had been cooking this type of food for her when she was pregnant? It seems to be that Constance has been breeding the "anti-christ" for a while now.

What do you think?

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