This contains SPOLERS from Episodes "Pilot" to "Rubber Man"

That was just so random and out of place. I can't help but feel there is more to it.

I took a screencap and zoomed in, imo, he doesn't look like Tate that much....just the same clothes, which supports the possibility of a twin or alternate personality I suppose.

I almost get the impression that the ghost showed up to silence Tate's little speech about the Indian rituals to release evil spirits by cutting themselves...or perhaps it was a reminder? Notice how he seems fearful or intimidated and quickly changes the subject, more or less him dismissing it as rambling? Also, when Tate died, at no point was there blood on his face, or any other scene for that matter, nor is it really that similar to his face make-up.

Actually, I do believe He has blood and make-up on in the credits of the pilot, after I screencapped it and upped the brightness. Provided it's Tate, not the "other ghost"

Maybe it's nothing, and sorry If this has been pointed out before this specifically, i'm new to the AHS Wiki, community-wise.

Possibilites I've come up with.

Constance's fourth child.

Alternate Personality. (Maybe the personality of Rubber Man?) (Provided his personality even changes while donning the suit.)

A "flashback" or reminder of sorts.

A hallucination?

A representation of the house?

A abandoned plot point?

A cheap scare? (Actually It kinda did scare me, not the ghost itsself, but the fact I never saw it until the third or fourth time watching -_- )

I really just think there is more to it, imo it just seems really out of place for it to be just a sign that Tate is a ghost :/


Has anyone screencapped all the images in the Pilot credits? If so, where can I find them?

What is with the decapitated hanging dolls? Still nothing about them at this point? (I'm kinda behind)

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