• The Seven Wonders

    Black Widow of Americna Horror Stories began on October 1, 2014 and ended on December 24, 2014. Black Widow tells the story about a league of females, known as "black widows," who take out to murder their male lovers. But the league must face another female league and defend themselves from a league of males, known as "white widows." 

    • Sarah Paulson as TBA
    • Taissa Farmiga as TBA
    • Frances Conroy as TBA
    • Evan Peters as TBA
    • Lily Rabe as TBA
    • Emma Roberts as TBA
    • Denis O'Hare as TBA
    • Kathy Bates as TBA
    • Jessica Lange as TBA

    • Angela Bassett as TBA
    • Gabourey Sidibe as TBA
    • Danny Huston as TBA
    • Patti LuPone as TBA

    • Jamie Brewer as TBA
    • Alexandra Breckenridge as TBA

    • Spider: A latrodectus crawls on a spider web with a black wallpaper.
    • Bite: A man is bitten by a latrodectus and fa…

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