This blog is not a repeat for future themes persay, but is instead a blog to ask what you would like to see in the next or future seasons such as actors and sub-themes (but non-specific to the overall theme). I would personally not want to see a Taissa and Evan love story again as it has already been done twice. But, I would like to see an increased male cast as I've felt Coven has been a very matriachal season. Actor wise, I would love to see Winona Ryder or Christina Ricci on the show. We will soon need a new actor to take the main role as Jessica Lange departs (and is stated to not have the main role in Season 4), so someone along the lines of Anjelica Huston (her brother Danny is already on it) or Mia Farrow would be good, both with deep horror/gothic roots. Finn Wittrock was suggested by Ryan Murphy and he would be interesting. So, who and what would YOU like to see?