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    One of the things that I am most impress with of this show is how amazing the characters are. How there isn't a character that you just hate. They are all very complex with times in which you get made at them,or fell bad for them,or just love them. They not just black or white, they are different shades of grey. Which I think make for a fun, cool show. So, I was wondering who was everybody favorite characters and why? Also, things like they best trait, worst trait, favorite moment of them, lest favorite moment and pretty much anything else guys would like to say about your guys' favorite characters. And why we at it, what about your lest favorite character?

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    Are what I want. Sorry.

    What is going on in Tate's head? He is confussing me so much.

    Who try to grab Violet's ankle on Halloween? You know, right before Tate start throwing pebbles at her window.

    Can ghost take meds?

    Why can Tate suddenly have sex with people?

    Was Tate sexually molested as a child? During Halloween 3, when him and Violet was down at the beach he said that it have never happen with a girl before. Does that mean it happened with a guy? One of Constance's boyfriends maybe?

    What did Tate mean when he said that Violet was evolved?

    Does Tate seriously not know he's dead?

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