I'm just torn here.

Violets search results for Tate and the Westfield High massacre...

The search results obviously mention more than one suspect. "Suspects", to be specific.

I've read so much on the Columbine massacre, and I'm at this point I'm convinced that the internet search results Violet stumbled upon were written specifically for this show.

Why in the world would you edit search results for Columbine and change the name to Westfield High and mention Los Angeles, and specific Westfield students killed, but not remove notoriously Columbine specific references such as the Trench Coat Mafia , and more importantly, the mentioning of more than one suspects/killers?

So, was there really more than one shooter at Westfield High? Or is this just one of those production goofs that I'm reading far too much into...


Edit: After going frame by frame, looking at Violets search, I'm still not convinced.

From the screenshots:WHkillers

So I searched for the phrases: "They weren't goths or loners"
& "wasnt about jocks, goths or trench coat mafia"

So they did use the phra

wasn't about jocks, goths, or trench coat mafia

ses from Columbine results, but still doesn't explain changing all of the relevent info, like victims from 13 to 15 , adding all of the Los Angeles info, adding victims names, and naming plural suspects.... Why not clean it up in a show where people pick and pull at the pieces they get till there's only a skeleton

They weren't goths or loners


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