After yet another marathon of all of the American Horror Story episodes on the DVR, I'm curious about what other's think about Tate, and what he is, or isn't, aware of.

He's messed up big ti
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me, there's no doubt about that. But what an interesting character they've created. This guy is all over the charts.

Can he really be unaware that he's dead? How can he not know?

I over-analyze everything that these characters say, listening for subtle clues, and right now I'm trying to figure out Tate.

Has he got his own sinister motives, or is just a kid with an elitist attitude, as he came off in the pilot? Then the show starts to evolve, change, and here we are... He's possibly the father of at least one of Vivians babies.

Yet, he seems to have to have no recollection of living in murder house, although he lived and died in what is now Violets room...

He sees the ghosts. Ok, he thinks he's special, evolved... but this last episode, he would almost have to know, or the writers better explain in great detail how he has been able to remain unaware, especially with everything he's done since his death in 1994.

He has that connection with Infantata, as we saw in that crazy scene (in slow motion, the scene shows both Tate and infantata on top of Violets bully Leah, and it's pretty clear that Tate shoves Violet to the ground as he stands behind her, silently watching Infantata scare the pigment from Leah's hair
Tate and Infantata
with a grin).

In Rubber Man, the kid, after his tryst with Vivian, still dressed as Rubber Man, silently passes Ben, who's in a trance like state. He then takes off the latex mask and looks in the mirror, and he looks as horrified/crazy as he did at Westfield High, sans the scratches.

His trying to appease Nora came out of left field to me. Maybe he does see her as a potentially good mother and wants to give her a child. But this theme of Birth and Death has me mystified. Tate's motives have thrown me.

He kills Bianca in the episode Home Invasion, and appears to walk through walls. This is also the first episode we see him stand beside his mother, and Moira. He cannot leave the property except on Halloween. He tells Violet she's evolved. He tells Hayden that what he has to do isn't fun...

In the episode Halloween pt.2, I thought that he was faking the whole not knowing the "dead breakfast club". I seriously thought that he was pretending for Violets sake, until the last scene, where his victims are begging him to admit what he did, and he claims he doesn't know them. All I thought was, dang, this dead kid's in some serious denial, but why?

He's continuing to keep things from his "love" Violet (who doesn't ask enough questions, apparently), and even says that if you love someone you never do anything to hurt them. Never do anything. Including lie, or, excuse me, hide the truth?

Meanwhile, he's haunting Vivian with the help of Hayden, and is not only receiving therapy in the home he once lived in, he's becoming Ben's confidant (though he looks as suprised as I am when Ben tells him things), trying to console Ben when he talks about his own life, or talking about Violet missing school.

Meanwhile, his mother sneaks in and roams the halls of a house she no longer lives in, just to talk to him and his brother. He hangs out in the basement, and in last weeks episode, he kills Chad and Patrick with far less emotion than he shows during the Westfield High murders.

I think that we're only scratching the surface of his character. I think he knows a lot more than he's letting on. Could he be the ultimate Byronic hero? Or something more sinister?

He would almost have to know, or the writers better explain in acceptable detail how he has been able to remain unaware, especially with everything he's done since his death in 1994. This is the problem when you rewrite a genre. Too many holes to fill. Too many of those continuity issues.

His backstory will be the highlight of the season for me, because the murders at Westfield arent cutting it. I need motive... I need his life under the microscope, cause the kid can be ridiculously inconsistant, depending on the episode. Perhaps it's because he is a ghost in that house. I just think that's too easy.

By the by, who else thinks it's interesting that in both the Home Invasion, and Rubber Man episodes he sees Moira as her older self instead of a young Moira?

So... Will he "cross over"? Can he? Is he headed straight for the pits of hell?

Will Violet let him go? Help him go? Can she do either?

Update: So, the theory that Tate was in fact aware he was dead was confirmed in the episode, Smoldering Children.

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