• SparrowsInVain

    I cant stop thinking that Evan Peters looks like a really young Malcolm Mcdowell... And I spelled doppelganger totally wrong. Haha

    Dumb post, I know, I just keep seeing it, and even more with that grin.

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  • SparrowsInVain

    After yet another marathon of all of the American Horror Story episodes on the DVR, I'm curious about what other's think about Tate, and what he is, or isn't, aware of.

    He's messed up big time, there's no doubt about that. But what an interesting character they've created. This guy is all over the charts.

    Can he really be unaware that he's dead? How can he not know?

    I over-analyze everything that these characters say, listening for subtle clues, and right now I'm trying to figure out Tate.

    Has he got his own sinister motives, or is just a kid with an elitist attitude, as he came off in the pilot? Then the show starts to evolve, change, and here we are... He's possibly the father of at least one of Vivians babies.

    Yet, he seems to have to have no …

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  • SparrowsInVain

    Ben Vs. Tate

    November 27, 2011 by SparrowsInVain


    Ben and Viv end up making sweet sweet love after the big fight in the pilot episode, quickly followed by kinky "round two" with Rubber Man/Tate...

    How many of you guys & gals think that the babies are Tates?

    Or Bens?

    And who else is thinking we may have a case of Heteropaternal Superfecundation on our hands here? One baby being Bens, and the other, Tates?

    Update: This theory of Heteropaternal Superfecundation confirmed in the episode, Spooky Little Girl...

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  • SparrowsInVain

    I'm just torn here.

    Violets search results for Tate and the Westfield High massacre...

    The search results obviously mention more than one suspect. "Suspects", to be specific.

    I've read so much on the Columbine massacre, and I'm at this point I'm convinced that the internet search results Violet stumbled upon were written specifically for this show.

    Why in the world would you edit search results for Columbine and change the name to Westfield High and mention Los Angeles, and specific Westfield students killed, but not remove notoriously Columbine specific references such as the Trench Coat Mafia , and more importantly, the mentioning of more than one suspects/killers?

    So, was there really more than one shooter at Westfield High? Or is this just on…

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