I have an idea for season 4. Lets face it AHS has hit major themes such as ghosts, asylums, and witchcraft. All great genres to do the show around but I believe it is time to go to the core of horror for this season. That being slasher film’s. There have been so many iconic movies such a Friday the 13th, Scream, ECT. I think this new season should take the time to perfect this kind of horror. It should revolve around a college town in which this can allow the older cast mates to be professors, and people living in the. This will also allow the younger cast to be students at the university. There can be back-stories and all the skeletons in their closets because it can revolve around the university over the years. Jessica Lange can be the dean of students or some high position in the college who is also the grandmother to a student there to tie the cast together (Taissa Farmiga or Evan Peters.) If they brought Emma, Taissa, Evan they can be the most recent victims to a sadistic copycat killer that had attacked the college some years ago. It can have flashbacks when Jessica Lange was a student there being in the mist of it herself. Now she works there with her grandchildren(s) attending the university. I think that with all of the crap (not including AHS classiest form of horror our there) that is put out there in these kinds of films it will raise the bar for them in the future. I think the problem with them also is that you meet a cast and an hour and a half later most of them have died. No emotional connection.  This kind of show can really make the audience care about the characters and while they are being picked off there will be a genuine sad loss for viewers. I just think there is so much that could be down if the plot line revolves around something like this. I actually have tried to contact someone because I have been a writer my entire life and love the horror genre. Although this is true I could never get into contact with anyone to see if they would be interested at AHS. Hope someone sees it and gets a ball moving. Don't need credibility just really love the show.


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