Hi all-

I'm new to wikia. I write a few TV columns for One of them is dedicated to American Horror Story. Some of you may have already seen some of my articles on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. The column is relatively new, but I have been covering the show under a general TV column also since the pilot aired.

Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk and the writing team, in my opinion, have done incredible work on AHS. It's been touted by a lot of my column readers as the most original show on television - and I have to agree. Every character is so vividly drawn -- and they all served exactly the right function to the story.

I'm so glad Jessica Lange won the Golden Globe - and I am pulling for everyone at the Emmys this year. Many of my readers also feel that Evan Peters should have gotten a Golden Globe or SAG nomination. Once again, I completely agree.

He did something truly remarkable in bringing Tate to life -- and making such a sick and twisted person somehow sympathetic. Many of you may have read my interview with him back in December.

I am REALLY looking forward to Season 2. So happy with the returning cast choices!

Here's a recent piece I did on AHS Tumblr sites - are most of you on here on Tumblr as well?

AHS Tumblr Tour

Would love to get your feedback on the show and favorite characters -- and your thoughts about Season 2. What do you hope to see? Who do you want to play Gia? Are you happy about Adam Levine joining the cast?

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