I'm sure, as you all know, there will be a season two. Upon hearing this, I jumped up in the air so high it would put Mario to shame. The main question is, (about) how many episodes will there be in each season, and how much more can we learn? We're only on episode, what...six? And our brains have been filled with so many secrets, realizations, facts, etc. The main burning question in my head is: Who is the father of Vivien's baby? Ben had sex with her first, but then, a few hours later, she had sex (pretty weird sex) with Rubber Man. I don't know, it's weird. And wouldn't Tate sooner or later figure out that his sister is dead?

She's always around the house. He's always around the house.

"Oh, I guess after 30-odd years of bothering all of the tenants who lived here, she probably just stopped."


And considering how we've (I think) never seen Addie and Tate together, what does that say about their bond as brother and sister? We all know that sometimes Constance and Tate get together when a murder takes place, but to me, Addie doesn't seem like the killing type. More like the getting-killed type. Okay, that was mean, but I still hope that, since Constance was dragging her body on the property, she'll come back. But jeez, that's really going to pissed the Harmons off if they have to deal with Addie forever. She can just pop up anywhere!

All in all, since I've gotten extremely off topic, I can't wait for the next episode and really hope season two will kick just as much butt as season one did.

"You're Going To Die In There."

I am? Guess I better hit the lotto first!

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