So I'm going through, re-watching the episodes, since I bought them on Google Play.  And I noticed something on the Bitchcraft episode at the very end, that wasn't really covered in the next episode.  It's night time, or at least dark hours, and Fiona tells Delphine to "come on" and offers to buy her a drink.  She's in one of those 1800's ass ballgown type dresses, that could have been considered casual back then, but the color was putrid and I'm certain that her body odor was also.  The next episode when we see Delphine again, she is wearing the same nasty dress, and it's daytime. AND she is chained to a chair with something covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

This is one of those "holes" that will forever go unanswered, unless someone cares to make up something for me here?  :)   anyhoo, that will be one of the topics I dedicate this blog to, unanswered situations.  just to keep me busy until Freak Show .


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