In 2008, I had a brief residential stay in New Orleans.  It was fall, and I believe I was also there on Halloween.  The weird part is, I could feel the ghostly muck in the air, from centuries of social life and activities that have occurred there.   Much to my surprise, I did not have any paranormal experience there, but I could feel "presence".  I tried to take myself on ghost tours.  I did research and I only found about 3-5 noteworthy "Ghost" stories.  

  • The LaLaurie Legacy
  • The LaVeau Legacy
  • The Axeman Legacy

I did as much research about these stories as I could find back then.  I became a little angry that it seemed LaLaurie never received true reprimand (that we know of) for her actions.  A few times I took myself to the French Quarter but it was strange.  I did not ever have anyone accompany me, so it was difficult to get 100% involved in my searches.  I'm sure I passed by the LaLaurie mansion several times, but I was always nervous about parking my car down there. and I didnt want to park too far away, and have to walk a far distance, so I feel that I cheated myself of the full experience.  

I must say, my new obsession with AHS:Coven, although fictional, provides me with a degree of closure, in the sense that Delphine LaLaurie did receive a level of punishment for her wrongs.... even if it is just on tv.

One thing that was upsetting though, although very intense, was how evil Marie LaVeau was in this storyline.  I suppose being a voodoo mistress has in itself darkness, but I guess I always imagined LaVeau being a "helpful" type.  I didn't really favor the rivalry between the "witches & voodoos"  ....   it's all witchcraft, they should have worked together from the beginning, but it's just a story, one which I wish they would expound on more in the series.  I want to see more happen with these characters but I realize it's not going to happen.  I miss them LOL.

anyhoo, AHS:Coven has seemed to reignite my passion/obsession of New Orleans and

these three ghastly legends.  While the Axeman had it's crazy side, it just doesnt spark my interest as much as LaLaurie and LaVeau.

Also, although i LOOOOOOVE me some Angela Bassett, and she is clearly the o

nly one who could pull it off, a historical painting of Marie LaVeau, along with documented history of her heritage, indicates she was Creole/Mulatto, which means she would have been "Yellow" or close to it, and Angela Bass

ett's mocha skin tone simply does not align with that character. but thats just my opinion, and you know what is said about opinions... 



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