So I managed to get myself banned from The Walking Dead Wiki. What a mess.

Despite several useless pages with names like "Unnamed So-and-So #3" that put the page count at over 1500, the site is fairly well maintained. Dedicated to both the TV series and the graphic novels, the more relevant articles are well formatted founts of information mostly free of typos and misguided grammar. Surprising then that it's run by a bunch of children.

Literally. The median age is probably 14. So while their IQs likely surpass their peers, emotional maturity is beyond their grasp by design.

It all started when while attempting to smooth a misunderstanding with one young man that I suggested, after learning that he was from Denmark, that this might be the reason for our communication failure. Apparently he took this to mean I found him too stupid to understand though I merely meant 'lost in translation'. So unbeknownst to me he files the first complaint on me to an Admin (also a mere child) that I am making racist comments.

Meanwhile, one of my early edits involved the removal of a single word with the summary "what the hell is a 'barrington'?". The response was a rollback from a user bent on becoming my future nemesis who summarized "If you don't know what it is then leave it alone!" I repeated my action this time further explaining that while I wasn't interested in a trivial edit war I did feel that since I could find no definition and nobody had provided a definition then it was nonsense and didn't belong in the article. My new rival responds with another rollback and the no less reasonable "Dude, knock it off!" So I check the guy out and learn that he is probably one of their busiest fluff editors (and later thru Google that he has a history of calling people 'faggot' on YouTube) but not someone in authority. This is where I screwed up: I stooped to his level and finished what would have been a perfectly reasonable comment on his talk page by calling him a dick. So now I have childishly awakened his infantile wrath and he, after another post on my page that made his false sense of self-importance and wiki-importance clear, he makes a formal complaint to an Admin too blinded by hormones to recognize that a user who has made 25 quality edits in a couple of hours might be worth keeping around despite the protestations of an overly sensitive Dane and a guy who's primary contribution in a year has been to blog comments.

My lesson is to stop trying to get the last word with those that weren't listening to my first words. The good news is that I get to spend more time right here.

Authors Epilogue to the 2nd Edition

Lest there be some confusion (and there is) I must stress more succinctly that the preceding is not a condemnation of the administrators and contributors of the Walking Dead Wiki. It is a self-reflection upon my own failure to communicate and adapt. It is shared with you, dear readers, in hopes that it may amuse and/or educate by example rather than create or confirm your biases OGRastamon (talk) 22:38, November 6, 2012 (UTC)

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