As an avid TV consumer that hasn't owned a TV in nearly a decade I haven't had much trouble satisfying my desires through internet sources, legitimate and otherwise. However, with an increasing number of great shows I'm finding it difficult to keep up (not to mention avoiding penalties for exceeding my bandwidth limits). It has become necessary to prioritize.

A List

These are the shows that I watch as soon as they're posted or the morning after. They include pretty much every original drama on HBO, Showtime, AMC and FX with an occasional visitor from the BBC.

B List

These are shows that I watch regularly but without immediacy. They are often genre shows that I wish were better (Once Upon a Time) and shows that have slipped from the A List (Homeland).

C List

These are shows that belong on one of the previous two lists that I have fallen so far behind on that I'm waiting for a big enough break to catch up (Burn Notice).

D List

For shows that were never great but offer some enjoyment (Sleepy Hollow) and those that were once great that I haven't yet given up on after they've jumped the shark. These often fall to either the F or X Lists.

F List

These are shows that I may catch up with again but won't lose any sleep over if I don't (Arrow, Revolution). They are sort of in limbo as they can't be moved to any other list without further viewing.

X List

AKA The Shitlist. These have worked their way through the lists and I am done. Goodbye forever (Glee).

Y List

Someday I'm going to watch these shows and find out WHY people love them so much (The Wire, Friday Night Lights).

Z List

Z is for Zero. Zero interest in sit-coms that look like they were made pre-Seinfeld. Zero interest in the sex lives of vampires. Zero interest in pawnbrokers, tattoo artists, duck hunters, truckers, repo men, bounty hunters or sugar-rushed, redneck children.

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