Do you find that after Wednesday's Asylum episode that you're still feeling a little jumpy come Friday night? Want to be reminded how to laugh without giving up your love of the macabre?

Check out Mockingbird Lane the new reboot of The Munsters from Bryan Singer and when you're done come contribute to the newly created Mockingbird Lane Wiki (from yours truly).

The Munsters took classic Universal monsters and put them into the then traditional family sit-com. Mockingbird pays proper reverence to that show by bringing in all the beloved characters but you're probably going to want to put the kids to bed.

Grandpa isn't a Borscht-belt comedian in vampire drag but drag queen Eddie Izzard channeling Gary Oldman's take on Dracula. Herman isn't a bumbling Boris Karloff clone but a heavily scarred Jerry O'Connell with a bad ticker behind a zippered chest. Eddie, who many casual fans of the original never even realized was a werewolf, now actually has to deal with the consequences of his monthly change. In fact it was his attack on his Wildlife Explorers pack that forced the family to move to Trivial Pursuit answer 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

To me the show had a Once Upon A Time feel. You're drawn in by your inner child to ultimately get satisfaction for your jaded adulthood.



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