EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't want to stir anything up while 50% of the country is still stinging from yesterday's loss but I've got to get this out.

Voting Against Your Best Interest

It has always bothered me whenever I meet someone who is a woman or person of color or senior citizen or low income or an uncloseted homosexual that has conservative views and supports candidacies that, implicitly or explicitly, are working against them. "How can they be so ignorant?" I think. However, I now find myself thinking I may be guilty of the same prejudices that are working against these minority groups. By assuming that a poor, old black lesbian should oppose Mitt Romney is putting her in a pigeonhole. The GOP isn't all about oppression. They're also concerned with (according to every definition I can find) individual liberty (LFMAO), limited government and free markets. Who am I to say that anyone, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation, can't value these ideals as highly as those in the majority?

Speaking of the majority; as a white, heterosexual male who supports liberal politicians, it could be said that I too vote against my interests. My bias has always told me that I am doing so for noble reasons (i.e. sacrificing for the greater good) while the opposition did so because they knew no better. Now I don't know what to think.

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