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    The following is meant to be used as both an addendum to the many style guidelines on the wiki

    • name =
    • story =
    • image =
    • caption =
    • tagline =
    • portrayer =
    • species =
    • description =
    • gender =
    • relationships =
    • plural =
    • appearances =
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    Priorty Show Lists

    November 1, 2013 by OGRastamon

    As an avid TV consumer that hasn't owned a TV in nearly a decade I haven't had much trouble satisfying my desires through internet sources, legitimate and otherwise. However, with an increasing number of great shows I'm finding it difficult to keep up (not to mention avoiding penalties for exceeding my bandwidth limits). It has become necessary to prioritize.

    These are the shows that I watch as soon as they're posted or the morning after. They include pretty much every original drama on HBO, Showtime, AMC and FX with an occasional visitor from the BBC.

    These are shows that I watch regularly but without immediacy. They are often genre shows that I wish were better (Once Upon a Time) and shows that have slipped from the A List (Homeland).


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    American Parody Story

    August 25, 2013 by OGRastamon

    I don't know if these have a place on the wiki proper so I'll just place them here where virtually nobody will see them.

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    NOTE:The following is posted here for maximum visibility. Should it be approved by an Admin it is to be transcluded to a more official location.

    • Sentence case – Capitalization of only the first word, proper nouns and as dictated by other specific English rules.
    • Title Case – Capitalization of the first word, and all other words, except for articles, prepositions, and conjunctions.

    Sentence case is used, obviously, when writing sentences and it is the unspoken official format for the main body of an AHS Wiki article. When it comes to non-sentences as used elsewhere in the wiki (i.e. section headers, infobox titles and data) it is a matter of preference and there is currently no official guideline. So I wish to put it up to a vote.

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