• NeverBeRoyals

    So far, one of the biggest mysteries on the show has been who is the next Supreme, so I have created a table to see who is in the running.

    Robichaux Coven
    Cordelia Foxx Unknown/infertile/possibly eligible 50%
    Madison Montgomery Ineligible/heart murmur 0%
    Nan Unknown/Down syndrome/possibly eligible 50%
    Queenie Unknown/obesity/possible eligible 50%
    Zoe Benson Eligible 75%
    Hank Foxx Unknown status/possibly eligible 45%
    Luke Ramsey Unknown status/possibly eligible 45%
    Misty Day Eligible 75%

    With this table, Madison is out of the running, due to her heart murmur. Two people I have added to the table based on comments I saw before are Hank and Luke, though their chances are not high as those of Queenie, Cordelia and Nan, who I have put as possibly eligible, …

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