does anyone else feel like they're introducing way too many characters entirely too fast? although i love the show, i do think they need to reel it in a little and stop thinking they have to create new deaths in EVERY single episode. by the beginning of season 2 you're gonna have like 25-30 spirits roaming around that house with only a few of them getting featured each show (and very little screen time for each). if they carry on like that AND start to open up some major plot twists (ex: more on the Infantata and more on the unborn children and their upcoming roles) in season 2, it's gonna be complete overload. not to mention having a cast that HUGE whom most of only have minor reoccuring roles, is going to make it very difficult for the creators to continue getting all these actors to return for what are basically brief cameos. i think they've developed enough characters at this point (at least for now) with the harmons, the langdons and all the other people that died both before and after the harmon's took residence.

hopefully they'll slow the pace down a little and develop these already existent characters, as we as explore the infantata/unborn babies plots for a while before they go introducing ton's more characters/sub-plots.

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