• LightOfPebbles


    July 16, 2013 by LightOfPebbles

    Hi all, loved S1 and 2 - really this is by far the best series I and many of my bros have watched. The months to the 'Coven' release don't seem to be moving. 1 song that stood out for me towards the of Asylum when Lana was coaxed into escaping was the Candyman theme song intro. I've always loved this piece of art. However I do believe that the latter choral part could have been well used at the conclusion or Sister Jude's emancipation (passing). If you've heard it, good. Not?

    Lastly I suggest using another song for 'Coven' or the subsequent series - there will be another one. 'At the Gates of Midian' by Cradle of Filth. Just the intro until after the organ piece ends.…

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