I was pretty disappointed with Rubber Man. However, I figured things would pick up with the next episode. And they did...but barely.

It was great to see Constance again, and very disturbing to see the weird maternal relationship between her and Travis. The whole overarching theme of fame and desire to be famous was good.

I wasn't too surprised to hear that Vivien's babies had separate fathers, but I still thought it was an interesting plot point. I just hope they do more with it!

My main issue with this episode is how Tate managed to get Vivien pregnant. In an earlier episode, Constance tells Violet that Tate doesn't know he's dead. If he doesn't know he's dead, how does he manage to do the weird biddings of the ghosts without thinking anything of it? It just strikes me as a little unusual...if he didn't know he was dead, he would be a whole lot more confused about people with visible death wounds on them, telling him to rape someone. Perhaps there's an explanation for this later. I really hope so, because inconsistencies bug me more than anything when it comes to horror.

On the positive side, points for the creepy ending, about how the unborn baby will be the Antichrist. And in addition, the dismembered dead bodies were just the perfect amount of gore without going over the top and giving me nightmares. Overall, this episode was better than Rubber Man, but I am still a little disappointed and I'm hoping to see them do better in Episode 10.

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