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I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but Rubber Mam, the most recent episode of American Horror Story left me with a lot of mixed feelings and I'm sure the same is true around this wiki!

So, of course, spoilers await if you haven't already seen the episode...

I was disappointed that Tate was the rubber man all along, since he was already an ominous character and it didn't strike me as that surprising. It certainly makes sense, since the rubber man appeared when only Violet was in the house (when Ben and Vivien were at the doctor, at the end of Halloween: Part 1) and it didn't attack her. I had a pretty wild theory that it was Bo, the deformed child of Constance's in the attic, but of course, that would have come out of nowhere. My new prediction is that Tate had sex with Violet for the first time in hopes of impregnating her so there can be a new baby for the ghosts in the basement.

Is anyone else hoping to see more of Nora's stitched-together Frankenstein baby? The creature that showed itself in some of the first episode seemed to be it, but we didn't see much of it, and I want to see what it looked like back in 1920! Of course, maybe that's still coming. And what about Constance? She's hands-down the most interesting character on the show (okay, maybe just in my opinion) but either way, I was disappointed that she didn't make any entrance!

On the positive side of things, I really liked how frustrating Vivien's story was. Of course, all of us hardcore fans watching the show are feeling for Vivien...she's the only character that is totally likable in my opinion. The fact that she's going to the loony bin is annoying to me, but I'm sure it will make way for a lot of new twists and turns, which is great.

It's also good to know where the Rubber Man suit came from in the first place...I had been wondering about that!

I was overall, not too thrilled with the episode, but since there is another one coming up, it might tie together some loose ends that left me so empty after "Rubber Man"--and I really want to see that freaky baby! What did you guys think of the episode?

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