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    New Scary Asylum Pictures

    August 27, 2012 by LexiLexi

    Like all of you, I am very excited about Season Two of American Horror Story, and what place could be scarier than a mental asylum? I really can't thin of one.

    To ratchet up the scary factor, we have several new promo photographs. I don't know about you, but I got the shivers just looking at these, in the middle of the day. I can only imagine what the actual episodes will do to me!

    Any predictions of what the images symbolize? Comment below and let us know!

    Source: EW

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  • LexiLexi

    There are some stars that we know for sure are showing up in Season Two--Jessica Lange and Evan Peters for example--but what cast members will be new?

    It seems that there is a negotiation to have Joseph Fiennes, Shakespeare in Love star, to appear on American Horror Story, Season 2, as a recurring character. His role? The head of the institution for the criminally insane, where Jessica Lange's character works. The two characters will have a May-December romance, which isn't too shocking, given what Jessica Lange was up to in Season One...who could forget that creepy, semi-maternal love between her and that male model boyfriend?

    It seems this might be a deeper relationship--the age gap isn't quite as ludicrous (albeit, still somewhat shockin…

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    As some of you may know, American Horror Story will be a completely different show in Season 2. Some of the actors will remain, but they will speak differently, look different, and play entirely different characters. The Harmon family is over (quite literally) and we're moving on to something totally different.

    Creator Ryan Murphy finally spilled some of the details for Season 2. First of all, it will be set in the 1960s, on the East Coast. The main focus will be actress Chloe Sevigny, who will play a woman locked up in an insane asylum for enjoying sex too much. Another woman in the asylum will be there for the "crime" of being a lesbian. Murphy points out that this was a grim reality in the 1960s.

    In addition, Evan Peters will no lon…

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    Spooky Little Girl Review

    December 2, 2011 by LexiLexi

    I was pretty disappointed with Rubber Man. However, I figured things would pick up with the next episode. And they did...but barely.

    It was great to see Constance again, and very disturbing to see the weird maternal relationship between her and Travis. The whole overarching theme of fame and desire to be famous was good.

    I wasn't too surprised to hear that Vivien's babies had separate fathers, but I still thought it was an interesting plot point. I just hope they do more with it!

    My main issue with this episode is how Tate managed to get Vivien pregnant. In an earlier episode, Constance tells Violet that Tate doesn't know he's dead. If he doesn't know he's dead, how does he manage to do the weird biddings of the ghosts without thinking …

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    Rubber Man Review

    November 27, 2011 by LexiLexi

    I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but Rubber Mam, the most recent episode of American Horror Story left me with a lot of mixed feelings and I'm sure the same is true around this wiki!

    So, of course, spoilers await if you haven't already seen the episode...

    I was disappointed that Tate was the rubber man all along, since he was already an ominous character and it didn't strike me as that surprising. It certainly makes sense, since the rubber man appeared when only Violet was in the house (when Ben and Vivien were at the doctor, at the end of Halloween: Part 1) and it didn't attack her. I had a pretty wild theory that it was Bo, the deformed child of Constance's in the attic, but of course, that would have come out of nowhere. …

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