this is just something i did for fun i think the finale was good but, it could be better anyway let me know if you liked this.



FLASHBACK: (Myrtle snow´s youth a couple of years before the death of anna leigh lipton)

Myrtle and one of her friends are talking about fiona´s relationship with the supreme, myrtle´s friend tells her that she would be a much better supreme than Fiona, Myrtle however says that anna leigh would never let her perform the seven wonders, her friends says: she doesn’t have to know.

The next day (with Fleetwood mac “seven wonders” in the background) myrtle performs telekinesis in front of her friend; she later uses divination to find the place where anna leigh´s completely old fashioned clothes were hiding and later transmutation to retrieve it. Finally she puts all the clothes in the  swamps and proceeds to burn them with pyrokinesis she closes her eyes and when she opens them all the clothes are burning excited she turns around to find the burning body of her screaming friend, unable to control the fire myrtle simply says: “I guess it wasn’t me after all”.


Myrtle is preparing the a last supper with caviar and champagne, talking about the risks of performing the seven wonders, and the privileges of being the supreme like using divination to see the next season collections, cordelia then makes her speech (the same one we saw) and also zoe they are then sent to sleep. Cordelia asks myrtle if she thinks the girls will survive to which myrtle simply responds: “well, one of them will”.


Cordelia claims that the powers are going to be performed starting with the easiest ones, myrtle and kyle prepare the candles so the girls can start the test.

1.       Telekinesis: Madison begins moving the candle almost immediately, followed by zoe and queenie both without any difficulty, Misty however starts to concentrate but is unable to do so. “I guess I was right, you’re just a dirty swamp rat” laughs Madison; misty then uses her telekinesis to grab the candle and tries to smack Madison with it. “NEXT TEST” says cordelia. Myrtle then uses her own telekinesis to put all the candles back in the table.

2.       Transmutation: again Madison proves she’s worthy, moving all over the place with ease, queenie seems to be able to do just as good, however misty and zoe are having trouble misty finally starts teleporting, and finally Zoe does but when she appears back both her legs are missing, Kyle and misty scream, and cordelia demands to know what happened, myrtle simply says it’s just a delay, she uses transmutation to put zoe in the sofa, while both of her legs reappear in place, myrtle then claims she must perform the task again with she does successfully. Misty looks worried.

3.       Pyrokinesis: zoe lights a candle, Madison laughs as she lights all the candles and the fireplace, misty extinguishes all of them claiming she doesn’t like fire, queenie lights a candle again, myrtle then exclaims it is freezing and lights the fireplace.


“what are you doing?” asks cordelia to myrtle, “what is it dear a little warmth to soothe this historic day” “you are performing the seven wonders”

Myrtle stays quiet for a sec “I guess there’s no need to hide my intentions to someone who can see it all, yes I am” “but my mom was your generation supreme” myrtle laughs “oh my dear cordelia, as I once said there are secrets in the flames, when I was brought back I was reborn, stronger than ever ready to claim my throne”

“wait those this mean pippi longstocking is in the game too?” asked Madison, myrtle looks at her and Madison starts to slap herself. “no need to stop, the fourth task, concilium, and if im not the next supreme then you don’t have to worry about it” says myrtle while lighting a cigarette.

4: Concilium: the girls start to make each other slap themselves, dance and finally Madison makes kyle kiss her, zoe simply watches and then makes kyle slap Madison, she retaliates by sending kyle flying through the window, zoe screams as Madison smirks.

5: Divination: myrtle explains that divination is made through objects some use runes others use cards or pebbles. Misty uses a pendulum to point out the object belonging to mimi degrandpre, myrtle uses tea leaves to find Fiona goode’s emerald ring (she then steals it) zoe uses runes to find prudence mather’s old music box, queenie uses the tarot to find Marion warton’s object in a dresser but it is revealed to be empty, cordelia then claims queenie is no longer in the running, “but I can make descensum and vitalum vitalis” says queenie “sorry dear if you can perform all the seven wonders you can have a magnificent portrait above the chimney, it’ll bring light to this room I haven’t decided if I’ll be nude or fabulously dressed” says myrtle. Queenie then storms out of the academy. Cordelia: “let’s move on, Madison it’s your turn, find the object belonging to anna leigh” Madison: “oh I know exactly what to do”, madison is next seeing eviscerating a goat, much to mistys horror, she ten uses the goat guts to try and find the object. “this is stupid” she claims and goes inside where she gets a cigarete from anna leighs cigarette holder. She looks at the surprised myrtle and simply says “surprise, surprise”


Cordelia declares a break of two hours to prepare for the most difficult of the seven wonders, in their room misty is nervous as myrtle enters.

-          “my beautiful girl, why so anxious about it”

-          I don’t think I can do this, it’s driving me crazy

-          Honey, all the supremes had something in common, you want to know what it is?

-          Please

-          They all knew for certain they could perform the tasks, they had no doubt, that’s what differences them from all the other witches that tried but perished

-          You mean I should go on

-          I meant what I meant, goodbye my darling, love the shaw by the way.

Zoe and kyle are talking in the garden about her future as supreme, suddenly madison appears claiming she should not be too comfortable as she would make kyle burn for slapping her once shes crowned, zoe says that madison stayed dead for a while and Fiona was still looking for the next supreme, meaning shes not and that she should take her undead ass back to Hollywood, madison snaps and makes kyle try and strangle her, zoe also uses concilium to make kyle grab a gardening scissors and stab madison, kyle tries to resist madison control and suddenly his eyes ears nostrils and mouth start to bleed and he collapses, zoe runs to his side, but madison simply says relax, we can build you another one, zoe then teleports herself and madison, impaling her several times with the fence.

Cordelia and myrtle call for misty but she’s nowhere to be seen, cordelia then uses her sight to reveal that misty retreated and won’t be performing the seven wonders, she then claims the tests will continue.

6. vitalum vitalis: myrtle tries to bring madison back to life but is unable to do so, cordelia then claims that zoe must revive madison to continue with the tests, but zoe claims she won’t and revives kyle instead, kyle however can’t talk nor remember anything, myrtle then said that both girls mind control destroyed his mind, and kyle is gone forever, zoe asks if there’s a way to fix it to which cordelia replies there is, since Fiona could fix it once, only a supreme could. Since zoe is the only one in the running she must perform the last test.

7. Descensum: myrtle puts the clock and pleads for zoe to be back before morning, zoes agree and starts the test, cordelia and myrtle watch.

Queenie is seen at conrow city with her tarot trying to prove she can do divination, nan suddenly appears before her and starts running, queenie follows her and finds her and papa legba in marie laveau’s throne. Papa legba then explains that queenie is a supreme material, but she hasn’t been trying in the right coven, queenie then sits in the throne while nan and papa legba watch “behold our voodoo queen” claims the latter. “oh and dear, the war is never over” queenie then looks at her hand to find she accidentally cut herself, the blood forming the Delphi trust symbol.

Cordelia asks myrtle if she has descended to hell, myrtle claims that she did, and that in hell she was forced to use last season clothes from not so visionary designers, they then see that zoe has only 5 minutes left, cordelia clutches coffee

Zoe is in her own personal hell where she sees kyle and madison having the life she imagined with him, zoe screams for help but no one listens, papa legba then appears behind her and simply said “I guess it wasn’t you after all” in the mortal world her time is up and her body disintegrates.


Cordelia and myrtle are hosting a memorial for madison and zoe (who are being cremated in the backyard), cordelia claimed she failed as headmistress, and myrtle said that perhaps she did, but that could be because she was destined for something bigger, cordelia then asks what she meant and myrtle says that cordelia must perform the seven wonders, since all the girls failed, myrtle then says “without a supreme, there is no coven” cordelia then successfully perform the seven wonders (her personal hell was herself having a miscarriage over and over while Fiona claims she failed as a witch and as a mother), when cordelia comes back from hell her eyes (the blue one and the brown one) are healed and she’s crowned as the new supreme.


Myrtle tells cordelia that they must start rebuilding the coven tomorrow, and says goodnight to her, she then goes downstairs where Fiona is waiting looking at her own portrait, partially bald and weak, myrtle reveals she knew Fiona wouldn’t be out so easily, Fiona then reveal to myrtle what she did to the axeman, myrtle then asks how is she still alive, to which Fiona says “I had a little black, innocent soul living in the attic, a friend of mine gave me a few days in exchange for it”, myrtle then says she’s too weak to kill cordelia, suddenly myrtle is stabbed in the neck by spalding who says “cat took my tongue”

Cordelia is sitting in her bed when Fiona arrives, cordelia asks if she would be capable of killing her own daughter for power to which Fiona replies “I love you, but I love myself more” spalding then tries to stab cordelia but is horrorized when fiona starts to burn, spalding goes to help her but cordelia casts a spell to seal him, behind Fiona a badly wounded myrtle collapses, cordelia goes to her aid.. “honey… my clothes let them burn with me, none of you could ever wear that looks” cordelia mumbles “I love you” as myrtle dies.


Queenie goes back to the academy where cordelia is packing, queenie asks if shes leaving, cordelia simply says, i´ll leave robichaux in good hands, queenie smiles and they go downstairs to sign permanent peace for witches and voodoo and queenie as new headmistress can teach both in robichaux, misty appears at the door waiting for cordelia, claiming she was attracted to the magic when cordelia was crowned, and cordelia claims she will be attracted to other witches magic as well, queenie asks what are they going to do with the witch hunters to which cordelia simply says “we start recruiting”

Several days later a young woman (played by kate mara also known as hayden in season 1) comes back to life in a dumpster located in one of new York city’s alleys, she watches as her wounds heal and find out shes naked, she gets out of the dumpster where one of two woman offers her a coat, “that’s quite an impressive task” says the older one, her eyes one brown one blue.

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