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    The Seven Wonders

    January 25, 2014 by Killian Jones

    Okay so, now that we know what the Seven Wonders are, I thought it would be good to have a table listing each of the witches that might (or might have) become the next Supreme.

    Note that this table is meant to include what we have seen BEFORE Coven's Finale, since in the last episode we might see all of these witches performing all of the Seven Wonders, or at least many of them. This table is just listing what we have seen so far, and will not include anything seen during the episode "The Seven Wonders".

    Madison Misty Queenie Zoe Cordelia Nan
    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    No No No Yes Yes Probably
    Yes Possibly No Yes Yes No
    Yes No No Possibly Yes No
    Vitalum Vitalis
    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

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