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  • I live in Dyersburg, TN.
  • I was born on July 13
  • My occupation is Artist/Student/Entrepreneur.
  • I am Female.
  • Kaylamichelle

    ...the episode wasn't 90 minutes?

    It was previously stated that it would be.

    I recorded it and watched about an hour ago, and it ran over an hour by about 5-10 minutes...

    Where's the other 20 minutes of show time??

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  • Kaylamichelle

    "American Horror Story" Sparks Interest In The Black Dahlia.

    Thought this was pretty interesting. :) It was on Yahoo's front page in News.

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  • Kaylamichelle

    I am because both characters are so believable. They're interesting and have great chemistry, making their relationship believable (besides Tate being a ghost. lol.). Both add a lot of depth to the show, also. Both have their fair share of flaws and mistakes, yet, still likeable. :) They're so great together and I really hope their relationship isn't messed up by anything.

    Leave a comment and let me know why you're on Team Tate & Violet! :D

    If you're not, don't bother leaving a comment. Thanks.

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  • Kaylamichelle

    Question about Violet.

    November 29, 2011 by Kaylamichelle

    This may be answered somewhere already, or maybe at least a theory, but I've been racking my brain about it every since I re-watched the episode...


    Obviously she knows Tate wrote it, but hadn't she already found out he was a ghost? Why didn't she lose it then? I know she was overwhelmed by all the ghosts in the basement, but it seems that once she saw that written on her chalkboard, she lost it. She started shoving those sleeping pills in her mouth...

    I'm just slightly confused about it. Thanks in advance for anyone's theories that they leave in comments. :D

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  • Kaylamichelle

    I think that possibly Tate USE to love Nora. That could be why he did what he did to Vivien, wanting to give Nora a baby. He loved her then, but when he met Violet, his feelings changed. It could be possible. Tate can't take back what he did to Vivien, but he really does love Violet and doesn't want her to leave the house for any reason, which is why he told her to lie to Ben. He does tell her that Ben would think she was crazy, along with Vivien, if she admitted to seeing the ghosts of the intruders. I really hope this is the case. I can understand if Tate use to be in-love with Nora, because when he died, she would have already been in the house and it was some sort of companionship. Only problem I see with that theory is, Tate didn't kn…

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