In my opinion the survivers gonna be Bette, Dot and Jimmy (And maybe all the secondary characters that are still alive becouse they are to much to kill them all in just two episodes) 

Why is the reason becouse I think the other character gonna die?

Well I think in the next episode will die Dessiree, Maggie and Stanley; Maggie becouse in the promo we see Chester cutting her, Stanley becouse in the sinopsis of the 12 episode says "The freaks enforce their harsh code of justice." in my opinion it means that they will kill Stanley and finally Dessiree the reason becouse I think she will die is related with Stanley death, why the freaks don't kill Stanley in the last episode if Dessiree already knows all?, in my opinion be an event in the next episode which will make that the freaks dicide to kill Stanley, I think he will kill a last freak before his death, probably Dessiree becouse she knows his secret

In the episode 13 it think that Chester (and therefore Marjorie too) will die for the part of the sinopsis that says "The freaks reveal against new management", talking about Dandy isn't a hint that says he will die but I think he will die for his sins, now we have 3 character Bette and Dot, Jimmy and Elsa, how Elsa could be die?, well RM says that we will see more of Edward Mordrake in the season, so he will take another freak, probably will be Elsa becouse the last time we see him he had take Elsa if were not for Twisty but now that Twisty is death probably if Edward is back Elsa will be the choosen

PD: Sorry for my bad english, it isn't my maternal lenguage

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