Hey. So i'm a new user here, i've been coming to this wiki for awhile, looking at spoilers but i daren't comment. But i have this interesting idea, well i think it's interesting.

Well you know how AHS was made by Ryan Murphy who also has created shows, Glee and The New Normal. I was thinking what if AHS had a musical element, if it did, who would sing in what episodes and what would they sing?

Ep 1 - Welcome To Briarcliff.

I think the singers would be -

  • Teresa and Leo ( Opening scene)
  • Sister Jude and Lana (Meeting scene in her office)
  • Sister Jude and Monsignor ( The dinner scene when she's stripping in her imagination)
  • Kit (As he walks into the common room)
  • Kit and Grace (During their talk with each other through the cells)
  • Lana (The scene with Wendy)

Ep 2 - Tricks and Treats

  • Wendy (Opening scene)
  • Dr. Thresdon and Sister Jude (When comes into her office)
  • Lana, Grace and Kit (During the escape scene)
  • Shelley (The scene with Dr. Thresdon)

Ep 3 - Nor'easter

  • Can't say because i've not seen the episode yet.

So if anyone reads this blog, it's only a bit of fun. Comment with songs you think the characters should sing in the scenes i've picked, if it wad that type of show. Though majority of the series is in the past, you can even pick old songs in that time or current music which i'm allowing because like i say, it's just a bit of fun.

Bye now.

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