• Jack- gleelover


    November 8, 2012 by Jack- gleelover

    Hey. So i'm a new user here, i've been coming to this wiki for awhile, looking at spoilers but i daren't comment. But i have this interesting idea, well i think it's interesting.

    Well you know how AHS was made by Ryan Murphy who also has created shows, Glee and The New Normal. I was thinking what if AHS had a musical element, if it did, who would sing in what episodes and what would they sing?

    Ep 1 - Welcome To Briarcliff.

    I think the singers would be -

    • Teresa and Leo ( Opening scene)
    • Sister Jude and Lana (Meeting scene in her office)
    • Sister Jude and Monsignor ( The dinner scene when she's stripping in her imagination)
    • Kit (As he walks into the common room)
    • Kit and Grace (During their talk with each other through the cells)
    • Lana (The scene with Wen…
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