• Hunter Perry

    On the 12th day of christmas asylum gave to meeee...

    12 Aliens Probing

    11 Killer Santas

    10 Shelley's Humping

    9 Tragic Lanas

    8 Judes Commited

    7 Crucifixions

    6 Demons Possessing


    4 Brutal Murders

    3 Mossy Banks

    2 Kit Butt Scenes

    And a Pepper who has to go peeeeeeee!


    Hunter Perry (talk) 08:58, December 13, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Hunter Perry

    Hello everyone, since we all love discussing what we think is gonna happen, i though why not make an official "thoeries blog"? Have an interesting idea? Share it here! :)

    My Theories~


    One clear theory is that Tate could hate Constance because She cheated on his father (as stated in "Pilot). Another possible theory is that Tate was molested/raped by Constance at a young age, which could be the reason Beauregard is deformed. He could have shot the school due to bullying, and instead of just targeting his bullies, he went after everyone. Or he could be acting on his strange idea that killing people he likes will take them away from the cruel world.


    I think Violet is turning into Tate, or is a female variant of him. They share the same…

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