Just some ideas for a sixth season...

American Horror Story: Sanitarium

2054, this is a year marked by the continuous threats that humanity wills onto itself. America, and the world, has become socially, and physically oppressed. Overpopulation continues to drain resources, and technology is becoming integrated into our existence. This causes the greatest minds of the world, to perfect the human body, so that little resources will be needed for our consumption. Many scientific corporations strived to improve genetic imperfections by mutations, and the replacement of organs with robotic parts. The government, desperate for a solution, gives all scientific institutions the permission to experiment by any means necessary. So, laboratories became corrupt, and left the worst people in charge for progress. The most successful corporations, housed the greatest horrors imaginable. In case if any humans were to intervene in progress, specific A.I., made from organic tissue, would replace the humans in their duties.

For every season of American Horror Story, I noticed that each one focused on an isolate location, each with its own story. However, I wanted this season to focus on a broader scale. To capture how society would contribute to these remote areas of horror. I felt that combining our issues as a species, would ultimately drive us to turn against each other. In addition, our vast improvements in technology, would blur the lines of soulless object, and a sentient being.

The definition of a "Sanitarium" is a medical institution that specializes in treating a variety of chronic illnesses. The title, would ultimately contradict the content of the season, in that, harm is being done. However, in the eyes of the government, they are treating the ultimate illness, the downfalls of human existence. This is why I think Sanitarium is the perfect title.

American Horror Story: Sanitarium

In 2054, the government has become vastly corrupt, and does anything in the name of progress. This includes, committing horrible crimes against humanity. Scientific institutions have been given the right to choose any subjects they see fit to boost forward to improve the human existence. A company that has been vastly prosperous, is the one created by Thomas Walker, the son of Kit Walker. Inside his institutions, lie thousands of test subjects, all being mutated in terrifying ways. These specimens have run loose on numerous occasions, and have often spread diseases, that needed to be quarantined immediately. The majority of these test subjects include that of unfaithful scientists, or the homeless. While Thomas is put in preservation, the A.I. Marilyn, is put in charge of the institution, running all the regular operations. However, Marilyn finds herself becoming increasingly conscious as the days go by. She starts to question the methods of her creators, and her very existence. This causes some turbulence within the institution. Thomas' main goal, is to create the perfect version of a human being. Thomas realizes that, the key to create his beings, involves his genetics. His DNA, acts as a catalyst to create these unique bonds specifically for his creations. However, years of preservation and being replaced by robotic parts, has taken a toll on his body, and his genetics. Therefore, only half of the problem has been solved. In an attempt to fill the gap, he tries to recreate his father by isolating his chromosome pairs. He created a separate sector to create clones of Kit Walker. These clones didn't all turn out a success; most of them turned out to be severely degenerate and brain dead. Only one, however, became a success. Clone gh:747, came out as a near perfect clone. However, he too, is completely confused, flees, and becomes a fugitive within the institution. He is eventually killed due to the damage he's caused within the building. In a desperate attempt to get his father, he programs his creatures to recognize Kit Walker as the main goal. Thomas sends them back in time to closely monitor, and protect his father. When the time comes, the creatures will bring Kit to 2054, so that he can perfect the species. To stop Thomas' plan, Marilyn shuts down the project, and turns the staff against Thomas. The institution is then planned to be destroyed, by the authority of Marilyn. However, before Kit's death, Marilyn comforts him, and assures him that his life was well lived. Thomas Walker: Finn Wittrock Marilyn: Sarah Paulson The clone: Evan Peters Kit Walker: Evan peters

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