Ever since American Horror Story was discovered to be an anthology of stories, people have been dreaming up all new stories for future seasons. While a fun exercise, there are some reasons to use caution before posting them here. One is that this Wiki does not condone Fan Fiction.

  • The first and foremost of which is that you can't call it "American Horror Story: " anything. That's a trademark, and we're subject to legal action if you do.
  • You can't use any characters in common with the series (which isn't all that difficult, given the nature of the show).
  • You can get away with saying it's inspired by AHS, and that you are writing these stories with a certain actor / actress in mind. You can even include art of your characters that have a likeness of a certain actor or actress.
  • You should be prepared for something you may not have realized: If you write it, it probably legally never can actually be used on the show. Any of the ideas that you mention on this Wiki as "future season themes" will forever be verboten from making it to the show. Already as a result of this very post, there likely can never be an "AHS: Dark Carnival" or anything like it, because you can sue FX Networks for using your idea without your permission. Doubtless there is a legal team that researches each pitch over at FX to see if it's a derivative work before they invest millions of dollars in an idea each season.

So, let me give you a suggestion about *a REALLY GOOD WAY* to go about this. Let's say you start a blog on Blogger or wherever that contains some Horror Stories from America that contain some independent work that you (or anyone else) has written that you'd like to showcase because you think we'll enjoy it. That's a really great idea, and linking to it in Blog posts or your User page or Board:Off-Topic would be awesome.

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