Greetings, Horrorstorians! We're getting ready to bring on the spectacle of Freak Show, the fourth superb story. This Wiki needs your help. Last year, I started what I hope to be a tradition: a logo or icon for each story. The elements of that logo were integrated into other facets of the Wiki (like the wallpaper).


The logo for Coven

Freak Show needs a logo, too. (So do the other stories.) We're going to be using them in new and different ways coming up. This is your chance to shine!

The winner of the Freak Show logo contest has been selected by the panel of Admins: Fe Fi Mo Moody's submission! Additional entries for Murder House and Asylum will be chosen by November 1st. Please continue to submit entries in this space. There are some rules.


  • Logos must be larger than 300x300px in their original forms.
  • They should be related to the story (duh).
  • They should be able to scale smaller and larger (within reason) so that we can use different elements.
  • For this contest, the results must not be animated.


  • For the Coven logo, there are 3 main unique elements. Coven is the third story. Bonus points if you can incorporate this type of numerology.
  • For the Coven logo, three strong women are depicted by use of symbols (Fiona as a mask, Marie as a snake, Delphine as a bull's head). Use of reusable symbols to represent aspects of the story or characters are highly encouraged. (Hint: Asylum, the second story, had two nuns; Light and Dark featured heavily in the teasers and artwork.)
  • Recurring elements inspired from the teasers are also highly encouraged. The "mouth" for example, features in most of the artwork and teasers for Freak Show.

Please be sure to indicate your entries somewhere, like this post's comments, where they can be found. The winner(s) will also receive, as a personal gift from me, an American Horror Story related item.[1] Ready? Let's get to designing!

  1. Some conditions may apply. Physical or digital prizes may require contact information exchanged outside Wikia, to be used only for this purpose.

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