This month (May 2013), our contributor challenge is to flesh out and write outstanding articles for the Production side of American Horror Story. This includes the behind the scenes heroes and the on-camera actors, the production elements, and all the candid pictures and video. As a special bonus, articles and media in the Production category will earn extra Leaderboard points for this month (ending 2013-05-31). That's 30 days, so get in your edits while you can! If you particularly like an edit or contribution, upvote it with +1 or 👍 Like. Our best contributor will be tagged as our "Featured Editor", and spotlighted with special recognition.

UPDATE: And a hearty congratulations to Urbasicmeow, our challenge winner for this month!  Keep plugging away at Production pages, and we'll see what challenges are coming up!

The pages we are targeting this month appear below, but we would also suggest any additional topics you'd like to see covered added to new articles in the Production category, and the recurring or notable standout actors from the first two stories. As a hint, there's a new {{Infobox cast}} to play with, and it should be included in all the new or modified pages.

Also, you can tag and clean up any appropriate pictures or video that cover behind the scenes, and those will qualify for the challenge.

I'm very excited to see what our community comes up with!

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