This month (September 2013), our contributor challenge is to pump up our existing articles with pics, screencaps, and videos. Organizing, pruning, and adding sources for video makes us a prettier, more dynamic Wiki. Starting tomorrow, we'll have a special bonus category for bolstering the Leaderboard AND articles and media in the Production category will once again earn extra Leaderboard points for this month (ending 2013-10-11). That's 30 days, so get in your edits while you can! If you particularly like an edit or contribution, upvote it with +1 or 👍 Like. Our best contributor will be tagged as our "Featured Editor", and spotlighted with special recognition.

UPDATE: And a hearty congratulations to Pedro, Liz, and Izzy our challenge winners for this month!

Now, if that's not enough, we've got a new Story set to premiere on October 9th (as if you didn't know!), and that means a new Main Page to go with it. It's going to be forming over the next week, but we'd love to hear some suggestions. Tell us what you want in the Forum thread.

Let's get ready for Coven!

  1. Swedish?
  2. The time frame for the affair in relation
  3. confirmed by Ryan Murphy in the commentary

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