Announced today[1][2]: We can expected a third televised miniseries of American Horror Story

from Inside TV
American Horror Story is getting a third season.
The FX horror anthology shock-fest has ordered 13 more episodes from executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. “With American Horror Story: Asylum, Ryan and Brad have raised the bar in every way from Murder House, the first American Horror Story miniseries,” said FX president and general manager John Landgraf. “And their original idea—the notion of doing an anthological series of miniseries with a repertory cast—has proven groundbreaking, wildly successful and will prove to be trendsetting. We can’t wait to see what deviously brilliant ideas they come up with for their third miniseries.”
AHS is averaging 5.2 million viewers when you include DVR, up 19 percent from last season. The series wraps up the current season on Jan. 23. Season three will get underway next fall.
Assuming the shows format is Etch-a-Sketched a third time, what do you think the setting should be for season three? Haunted hotel? A ghostly cruise ship? A sinister Outback Steakhouse? All we know is many of the actors will return in different roles next year — including Jessica Lange.

Who is more excited than Sister Mary Eunice with a new blender and a litter of puppies?

  1. Inside TV
  2. confirmed at TVLine

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