Death Chart

Table Key

Colour Character Status
Still Alive
Not Seen
C Credit Only
X Dies
F Flashback
H Hallucination
V Voice
VF Video Footage
K Revealed as Killer
KK Revealed as Killer and Killed
Dead Body
G Ghost
A Appeared in the Afterlife

Season 4

Characters Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13
Jimmy Darling
Bette and Dot Tattler C
Desiree Dupree C
Bonnie Lipton
Corey Bachman
Jack Colquitt
Chester Creb
Angus Jefferson
Massimo Dolcefino F X
Elsa Mars X
Dandy Mott X
Amazon Eve X
Ima Wiggles X
Legless Suzi X
Toulouse X
Penny X
Paul X
Maggie Esmerelda C X
Stanley C X
Lillian Hemmings X
Dell Toledo C X
Lucas Gayheart X
Salty X
Regina Ross X
Tupperware Ladies X
Avon Lady X
Gloria Mott X C
Ethel Darling X G C F A
Ma Petite X F H F A
Dr. Bonham X
Andrew X
Dora Brown X F
Twisty X G
Edward Mordrake X G G
Asylum Doctor X
Meep X A
Gay Man X
Doyle X
Mr. Hanley X F
Detective Bunch X
Mildred Bachman X F
Jeffrey Bachman X
Troy Miller X F
Eudora Tattler X

List of Deaths

Twisty the Clown Killing Spree

Dandy Mott Killing Spree

Edward Mordrake Victims


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