Now that Hotel is over and we've got nine months of wait for the following season to air, I'll begin to write a fan fiction of the show's sixth season, which I've chosen to name Cruise Ship. As the title suggests, the whole season will take place on a cruise ship. Following the anthology pattern of the series, all of the settings and characters will be new (except for one or two who will return with small roles). But not all of these characters will be created by me, as I would really like to write the stories of the characters created by the members of this wiki, who I assume are American Horror Story fans.

If you're interested in creating a character for the series, you can do it and submit it in the comments section. You should include the character's full name along with a small bio, as well as their sexualitypersonality traitsstrengthsweaknesses, the actor or actress who'll portray them (can be a show veteran or a newcomer; make sure they haven't been chosen by another user), and any other notes you'd like to add. As an example, I'll include the character I've created below. I can't wait to know all of your characters and to start writing this fan fiction.

Name: Aidan Eastcott
Small Bio: A psychotic murderer, Aidan grew up in his older brother's shadow, was ignored by his mother and abused by his father. As he grew older, he found a satisfaction in mutilating small animals and watching them slowly die. When his brother found out, he told Aidan he would call the police and called him a freak. This infuriated Aidan and led him to mercilessly stab his brother to death. The following night, he shot his parents and left his hometown to start over with a new identity. He spent the following years moving from town to town, dating young boys and girls who he would later kill. His decision to go on board of the cruise ship was fueled by his desire to find new victims, however, he may end up being someone else's victim.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality traits: Confident, critical, smart, obnoxious, cruel, impatient
Strengths: His ability to trick people into thinking he's a nice normal guy
Weaknesses: He might end up falling in love with someone he intended to murder
Portrayed by: Finn Wittrock

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