A few questions that have been running through my head watching the show:

1. Why can Tate leave the house (went to the beach with Violet) but Violet cannot (was unable to leave the house after she died)?

2. Who could Constance's fourth child be?

3. Why did Hayden and the rubber man (Tate) try to drive Vivian crazy and run her out of house by having Tate rape her if they want her babies? If they want the babies wouldn't they want to keep her in the house?

4. What do you think happened in Ben's past that he has sometimes referred to as being troubled?

5. Why did Moira feed Vivian brains if she truly cares about her?

6. Why did Constance try to poison Violet with those poisonous muffins?

7. Why don't we ever see Constance's husband if he was killed in the house?

8. Does Tate know that Constance killed his father? He keeps saying that his father left when he was a child, but in fact he was killed. How is it that he could not know since clearly Moira knows and Tate has been in the house with her for quite some time?

9. There is an interesting theory posted on the theories about Tate page that claims Tate and Ben could actually be brothers or twins, making Ben Constance's fourth child. If Tate died he would've stopped aging, while Ben would've continued aging since he didn't die. Is there anyway that this theory could be true? Another interesting point is the comparison between the young twin ghosts (Troy and Brian) whose names start with the same letters as Tate and Ben. Are these just meaningless coincidences or is there value to this theory?

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