Sorry that the title is incomplete, my phone had a glich.

Now, since there is a theory out there that each AHS season is correlated with each of 9 realms of hell based off of Dante's inferno.

So this theory is try to figure out which season Roanoke is correlated with, but first lets recap what season correlates with what level of hell.

Murder House- Lust: I haven't watched murder house yet, but from what I read on the wiki, and from the youtube videos I have watched, there is alot infidelity going on. Plus Tate's S&M gettup just adds to the lust aspect.

Asylum- Fraud: Asylum is the circle of fraud, because alot of people are wrongly committed to the asylum,(Shelly,Kit,Grace,Lana) also Lana and Wendy try to keep their relationship a secret, along with that, we find that Oliver is trying to pass of other people as bloody face, when it is really him. Along with that when the Devil possessed Sister Mary, It tried to use manipulation and bribery to get higher in the ranks of the catholic church. So overall, alot of false accusations, secret pasts/relationships, bribery and deception is shown in asylum.

Coven- Treachary: Coven is treachary for obvious reasons, Fiona betrayed the coven, as did Queenie, Myrtle betrayed the council, Queenie betrayed Delphanie, Madison betrayed Misty Day, Kyle betrayed Madison. So itsreally just a cycle of betrayel.

Freakshow- Greed: There is no one AHS greedier than Miss.Elsa Mars herself, not only does she lie to her suppossed beloved freaks, she'll even go as far as to kill one of them, just so that her dream of becoming a star is secure. Elsa has no qualms or remorse about who suffers, just as long as she can fullfill her dream. That itself is the definition greed and Avarous.

Hotel- Gluttony: In Hotel Cortez, everyone has an addiction, Sally is addicted to drugs, Elizabeth is addicted to blood and sex, and John and James are addicted to murder. There is also an addiction demon roaming the Hotel and seemingly targeting those with addictions, not to mention this demon was created by Sally and other Junkies ( by the way, how did she create the addiction demon? Please let me know what you guys think in the comment section below)

Ok, here is the center piece of my theory, here goes nothing.

Roanoke- Heresy: Now let me explain, at first, everyone accept Shelby refused to believe in the events that happened tp Shelby ( you know with the ghost encounters and all ) This shows lack of belief, which an aspect of heresy. Also, a medium was hired to help investgate about the ghosts of the roanoke coloney (in the olden days, Mediums were considered Heretics because they believe in things like Divination and so on.) And one of my main pieces of evidence to support my claim, is that The Witch ( I don't know how to spell her name tbh, so we'll just call her the Witch ) and the Roanoke coloney worshipp Pagan gods, which literally during the times when Dante's Divine Comedy was written, worshipping pagan gods, was basically the definition of Heresy! Here is the link to the definition

So, what do guys think? What other circle of hell do you think suits Roanoke instead of Heresy? If so, tell me why? And any additional ideas, please leave it in the commonent section below.

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