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  • I was born on January 28
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  • Crazy Suzy

    Take this quiz to finfd out what character you are from Coven, it is made by youra truly

    I got Nan!

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  • Crazy Suzy

    So I was on my Facebook a few days ago, and I looked at the most popular post or recent events, And I fpund out Ryan Murphy released the AHS: season 7 theme,and he said it was gonning to be about the election we just had in America.

    Granted this election was a horror story, but I don't really see how he can turn the election into a legit horror series. Plus, I don't really like that theme, because it ties in too much with reality. The reason I love AHS is because it has a sense of reality to it, so that its more relatable, but Ryan also puts some supernatural aspects to it, because at the end of the day, AHS is a T.V show, and we watch it to escape reality ( at least thats why I watch it. )

    I can probably only see the 2016 American election …

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  • Crazy Suzy

    Sorry that the title is incomplete, my phone had a glich.

    Now, since there is a theory out there that each AHS season is correlated with each of 9 realms of hell based off of Dante's inferno.

    So this theory is try to figure out which season Roanoke is correlated with, but first lets recap what season correlates with what level of hell.

    Murder House- Lust: I haven't watched murder house yet, but from what I read on the wiki, and from the youtube videos I have watched, there is alot infidelity going on. Plus Tate's S&M gettup just adds to the lust aspect.

    Asylum- Fraud: Asylum is the circle of fraud, because alot of people are wrongly committed to the asylum,(Shelly,Kit,Grace,Lana) also Lana and Wendy try to keep their relationship a secret, along…

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