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    How Far Will They Go ?

    February 1, 2014 by Calm Maniac

    We have seen the show gone to some dark, and horrifying place with the show.

    Such as:

    Extreme cases of Mother issues, Rape, Incestuous relationships, Self-Mutilation, Three ways, Demonic Possessions, Serial Killers, Urban Legends, Unholy Pregnancies, Blessed Pregnancies, Adultery, Malevolent & Benign Spirits, Necrophilia, Kidnapping, Home Invasion, Copy Cat Killers, Nazi, Hell, Witches, Multiple Appearances by the/a Devil, Making Deals with the Devil, Torture, Prostitutes, Murder by Labia, Murderous Santa, Suicide, Suicide by Police, Angels of Death, Crucifixion, Black Dalia, Anne Frank, Aliens, Polygamy, Resurrection, Electro Shock Therapy, Miscarriages, Zombies, Car Explosions, Star-Crossed Lovers, Amputation, Child Abductions.

    The list …

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