The Seven Wonders in the show seemed kind of weak, not something a Supreme can use to lead a coven with. I thought about what should have been the 7 wonders, or at least what I think it should be. I used some of the show's powers because I think they are quite significant.

1.Divination- It's not the Sight, but it's like a vibe, they know what is going to happen, where things are. A Supreme needs this power to "forsee" the bad events.

2.Concilium- It's a cool power to have. Since Supremes are Salem Witches and the Salem Witches were just playing around with magic so it would make sense if they adopted mind control and play around with people's head. I also think it was pretty badass for Fiona to control the cops in episode 2.

3.Pyrokinesis- It would be a significant power to have as a Supreme. It's an power suitable for protection and Salem witches were associated with the devil= FIRE. If they could control all the elements, it seems like another wiccan show. If they only had fire it seems more creepy American Horror Story Blair Witch kind

4.Vitalum Vitalis- It is a good idea as the Supremes can steal life and "give life". Seems quite a wicked thing to do.

5. Decensum- I like the idea of decensum but not entirely. Going to your own hell is kinda stupid so I thought it would be like Astral projection instead. To the other side to find spirits, ghosts.

6. Seance- It's a bit like decensum but you're seeing what is already there which we cannot see. Decensum in my sense is like travelling somewhere else but this seance is to see who is there. Since Salem witches played with black magic (i think) and messed around with the dead, I think it's a good idea that only the Supremes are the ones who can see the dead. Like a sixth sense but not everytime. They can start seeing the ghosts once they cast the spell like Decensum. And the Supremes will serve as the medium/bridge to the other side for their coven.

7. Transmutation- It's a cool gift but not the best? Should not use as transportation all the time. It would be cool if they transport through the shadows. Like appearing from the shadows in a dark room. Or at least don't let us see the flashes as they move

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